Virtual Building Studio : Offering End-to-End BIM Services to AEC Industry Globally

Ankit kumar Kansara,  Founder & CEO

Ankit kumar Kansara

Founder & CEO

India is on the path toward rapid infrastructure development. BIM is one major technology that plays a significant role in India’s infrastructure development journey. BIM Academy predicts that India will need an influx of $4.5 trillion by 2040 to keep its infrastructure in line with the desired economic growth. While many companies in India offer BIM services, not all of them possess the technical expertise and efficiency required in this niche industry.

One such company that offers highly efficient BIM services is Virtual Building Studio (VBS) founded in 2015 by Ar. Ankitkumar Kansara(Founder & CEO) is a fullfledged BIM Outsourcing service provider that has garnered widespread prominence in the industry through high quality services and customer centric practices.“Virtual Building Studio provides BIM service globally. We are located in Ahmedabad, but we have no boundaries. We work globally and have major US, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Middle East customers. We work with topnotch architectural engineering companies as well as general contractors and builders across the globe”, says Ankit.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, VBS offers services mainly under six areas Architectural BIM services, Structural BIM services, MEP BIM services, Clash detection and coordination, Scan to BIM, Shop drawings, and Revit family creation. Specializing in BIM, the company offers a wide range of services that include 3D, 4D & 5D BIM, 6D Green
Building, 7D Facilities Management, Laser Scan to BIM, and Onsite BIM PMC to name a few.

Being a client centric organization, VBS has multiple shifts for its employees per the clients’ time zones, thus enabling clients to be able to interact directly with its employees and get their queries answered instantly. The company’s sales and technical teams also help clients understand the problems and familiarize them with the outsourcing process.

The main factor why customers prefer us is quality, as we believe in quality and provide very highquality drawings based on which construction is carried-out on site

“The main factor why customers prefer us is quality. We believe in quality and provide very high quality drawings based on which construction is carried out onsite. A minor error in the drawing can lead to huge losses monetarily. Thus, we are dedicated to quality and are famous for delivering high quality services at affordable rates. We are a one-stop shop for all digital construction services. We have 15+ years of combined experience in the industry and have delivered over 10 million sq. ft. of work till date, and 70percent of our clients are repeat customers”, Ankit further explains.

At the core of VBS is its ‘People First’ mindset, wherein it considers its employees as real heroes. It currently has a team of 150+ architects and engineers. Sounak Banerjee, the Vice President of R&D, always looks out for the latest technologies & trends in the industry and comes up with ideas to launch new services that can benefit the clients. Additionally, the company boasts of an extraordinary sales & marketing team led by Shubham Bajaj and Nitant Shah, who has extensive experience working in the global industry and has handled many international clients. VBS’ production team is led by Vino Ratheesh, an industry veteran with 20+ years of experience working with MNCs across the globe.

Due to such fine practices, VBS has catered to 300+ clients globally and has worked on numerous large-scale infrastructure projects, including Metro projects in India and Malaysia.Explaining the future roadmap, Ankit concludes, “We aim to have over 500 employees by 2026 and are planning to launch our IPO in 2026 in MSME. Also, we want to strengthen our leadership team further to run our business more efficiently. Since we see massive market innovation opportunities, we plan to integrate BIM with technologies such as AI & ML and automate our process as much as possible”.