Virtual Binz: Business Development Made easy with High Quality Virtual Assistants

Rahul Chhabria,FounderDespite bold visions and big plans, it's all too easy for entrepreneurs to become bogged down by the mundane tasks involved in building a successful enterprise.

In any company, there are a few critical tasks which can't be ignored but can distract entrepreneurs from the work they do best. A Virtual Assistant (VA) can come to the rescue.

A virtual assistant can handle everything from answering emails to developing a marketing strategy. Thus, Udaipur-based Virtual Binz is a business development service provider that offers outsourced business development, virtual assistance, outsourced sales, lead generation, market entry for international firms and other diversified business development services.

Key functions
Established in the year 2017, Virtual Binz have worked with clients in a wide array of industries including staffing and recruitment, insurance, property management, e-commerce, telecommunications, software, business information technology, technology consulting and real-estate. Founded by Rahul Chhabria, Virtual Binz is specialized in providing highly skilled Virtual Employees (VE) for all personal or business needs. Powered by 50 employees, Virtual Binz's focus is to improve one's business productivity and reducing the costs by providing instant access to a number of skills set for affordable, competitive hourly rate. Virtual Binz provides dedicated virtual employees to clients worldwide. Clients work
with virtual assistant teams to create high-performance businesses and delegation of multiple errands. Hiring a VE increases one's saving by eliminating the employee taxes and other tangible efforts.

Regardless of the size of a business, Virtual Binz can provide the talent necessary to grow a business. Virtual Binz are a fairly organized and technology-driven company. Virtual Binz spends about 5000 USD per month on tools and subscriptions to automize their actions and keep them updated. Virtual assistants are trained rigorously with all these tools so they can help clients effectively. Each virtual assistant has to go through 200 hours of training which includes top 50 worldwide used software and web apps, marketing strategies, recruitment strings, excel shortcuts, and social media platforms. With the trans-parent model, Virtual Binz ensure that clients have access to their virtual assistant in real-time and clients can track their VA's utilization at any point in time.

Development strategy towards a better future
Organizational management, transparency, data security, flexible plans, and solid reporting structure have always set Virtual Binz ahead of the competition. Clients working with virtual employees have to be aware of what's going on and in order to achieve this, virtual employees are trained with strategic reporting methods followed by daily and weekly reports, managerial feedback calls with client's assigned VA very often. Virtual Binz wishes to continue to play an important role in the development strategy of business because it provides a double-edged solution to improve profitability by effectively lowering cost and in-creasing revenue through efficiency.

Virtual Binz wishes to continue to play an important role in the development strategy of business because it provides a double-edged solution to improve profitability by effectively lowering cost and increasing revenue through efficiency

Virtual Binz builds trusts in clients by making decent offers such as 30-day money-back guarantee if one Virtual Employee haven't been successful in satisfying clients' requirements. Virtual Binz believes that technology may be the engine but people will always be the drivers of growth. Virtual Binz wants to stand out by not only supporting clients with their routine tasks but want to go beyond and offer specialized services to various industries, where clients can expect the results from day one. Down the line, Virtual Binz wishes to develop VA as a platform where anyone from any part of the world can hire a virtual staff on just a few clicks with virtual assistants working as Virtual Binz's team right from their desk.