Vincell Studios: Bringing Real Life Escape Room to Your Mobile Phone

Kathir Suyambu, Founder & CEO

Kathir Suyambu

Founder & CEO

It’s always a thrilling experience to be in a mystery room, playing escape games against time and solving puzzles that push you beyond your limits. But the problem is that not everyone has the time to pay frequent visits to the mystery rooms and be indulged in the thrilling experience. An emerging global game developer, Vincell Studios is providing a middle ground to gaming enthusiasts by bringing this real life experience into the most convenient mobile platform through an escape game Hidden Escape Lost Temple.

Vincell’s story originally began when the company established its worldclass Bangalore studio in the beginning of last year after testing the waters with a bunch of games that adopted different approaches across web & mobile platforms. Targeting the US and European markets, the company soon launched its first game, Hidden Escape Lost Temple. The response to the escape game was so overwhelming that the company was compelled to expand their development process to match the gaming cultures across the globe, including India. It’s been only weeks since the company launched the game’s Hindi version.

“Being a fan of escape games, I have visited many mystery rooms in a few countries. Keeping all that experience in mind, I thought
of bringing a similar thrilling experience to the mobile platform,” asserts Kathir Suyambu, Founder & CEO, Vincell Studios. His team built the game with meticulous attention to detail, focusing on providing a new experience to the gamer.

Hidden Escape: Lost Temple
The ethos of Hidden Escape Lost Temple is derived from the Indian mythology. It takes the gamers on an electrifying journey with Liam, a renowned archeologist, and Leela an Indian symbologist, to discover the lost temple of Sheshnaag, wherein they experience the enigmatic characters, wonderful arts, brain-scratching puzzles, outstanding graphics, and appreciably more. The game revokes real life experience and gives the gamers an opportunity to use their problem solving skills to crack the puzzles. No wonder the game, which was soft launched in July-2019, got featured worldwide in the Early Access Collection on Google Playstore. In shut eye time, the game showed outstanding results in terms of number of game downloads and play time. In open beta phase, the game captured an average session time of 26 minutes from players.

Hidden Escape: Lost Temple revokes real life experience and gives the gamers an opportunity to use their problem solving skills to crack the puzzles

The passionate Vincellians have used cutting-edge technologies to bringout the best gaming experience. A huge chunk of credit also goes to the rigorous review checks performed in the departments of designing, coding, and testing. The game has also gone through a streamlined process flow, comprising predefined prototypes, vertical slicing, pre production, production, and post production analytics processes to make sure that the international quality levels are maintained and it is loved by the audience.

Are You Up To The Challenges?
It’s appreciable the way Vincell consistently strives to improve its inhouse processes and technologies behind it. Currently, the company is all set to make a lot of customization features available to the gamers. We want to make it a million dollar company by 2020 with the release of a series of adventure escape games,” adds Kathir. The Indian gaming market is on the verge of crossing $1 billion by 2021. Responding to such a great demand, Vincell looks forward to tapping into the VR/AR market, while also expanding its business in the Indian gaming market.