Viitor Cloud Technologies: Improving User Experience & ROI of Website & Apps Via Futuristic Solutions

Vishal Rajpurohit,,Chief Technical Officer

Vishal Rajpurohit,

Chief Technical Officer

Digital has changed the way organizations are communicating, actively and passively to the internal and external stakeholders. And such changes are brought in rapidly by IT evangelists, be it from IT teams and/or non-IT teams of the organizations. The challenge today is to cater such new requirements and changes rapidly and with innovative design, user experience, relevance and accessibilities in given time frame. With its innovative and simple approach, Viitor cloud helps clients with improved user experience and measurable results of their spending.

A Partner in Real Sense
Viitor cloud believes in success of its customers by delivering relevant, measurable and robust solutions which accounts for every penny being spent. Vishal Rajpurohit, CTO, ViitorCloud Technologies, says, “Our technical competence enables us to add custom functionalities to pre-existing systems and create digital solutions as per needs of
our customers to push for the brand and functional purposes and at the same time dramatic increase in user experience and engagement brings more engagement at table”. A pioneer in building responsive, intuitive and bespoke designed web platforms available on all kinds of devices, the company also creates apps for Android and iOS platforms, which are developed decisively and flexible enough to seamlessly incorporate new features as and when required.

Viitorcloud believes in success of its customers by delivering relevant, measurable and robust solutions which accounts for every penny being spent

Being an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified company, ViitorCloud ensures compliance with standards while rendering services to clients and provides secure information management. Maintaining a high degree of transparency, the company empowers clients to track in real-time the entire project processing for their investment, and can directly communicate with ViitorCloud team 24x7 for any of their issues. “Customers working with us can easily track the progress, get accurate comparison
of their & our inputs with the outputs. We facilitate open, collaborative approach with our PMS as Wazir (Wazir is product of Viitorcloud which is going to be launched commercially this year aiming to transform the traditional ways of doing PM from delivery based to cost base success measurement) and VPM,” says Vishal.

Following agile methodologies like Scrum & Sprint supported by expert professionals seasoned in diverse technologies, ViitorCloud delivers quality projects. Being a customer-centric organization, the company empowers clients to have complete control of every product development stage, while ensuring that each step results in a deliverable to make the project outline more transparent and no uncertainty in conclusion. “We contribute to a company’s growth by humanizing technology solutions and make sure that they are user-friendly and user-focused,” asserts Vishal. Considering the latest tools and recognizing the user-behaviour and market demand, ViitorCloud is currently focused on technologies like Laravel, Node, Angular, React, Unity 3D and others.

“Moving ahead, we will continue to improve clients’ online journey by offering them cutting-edge digital solutions enabling them to tap into larger audience base and grow their business. We vest our focus on product-based sectors and continue to strive for client-centric services,” concludes Vishal.