Vibha Power Solutions: Infusing Energy Solutions with Futuristic Technologies

Ankit Vyas,Director

Ankit Vyas


Our country is leading a silent revolution in the energy sector. It’s not only that India ranked second after China in the latest ‘renewable energy country attractiveness’ index from Ernst & Young, but also the Union Government has formulated an action plan to achieve a total power capacity of 235 GW from Solar, Wind, Biomass, and Hydro power sources by March, 2022. This brings a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities, wherein technologically sound solutions are likely to set benchmarks.

The industries are challenged to back themselves-up with technical knowledge, various regulatory compliances, skilling of staffs, and most importantly, up-to-date energy solutions. This engenders prodigious opportunities for experienced energy solution providers such as Vibha Power Solutions(VPS)– a reputed consulting firm offering end-to-end turnkey solutions, across the industries and for all kinds of energy need through Solar, Wind, Hydro, and Biomass energy.

Standing tall on its team’s several decades strong footprint in delivering Renewable Energy Solutions, Third Party Power
Selling, Energy Efficiency Solutions and Auditing across industries & commercial establishments, VPS plays an instrumental part in this new energy revolution. It takes the sector and customers to a whole new realm of embedding futuristic technologies and leveraging latest equipment in energy monitoring & conservation.

"Having motivated by this research-driven approach and with investments in need-based technologies, Vibha customizes its solutions to match the sophisticated & challenging requirements of different clients"

Getting the Pain-Points Right
“Field-experience plays a pivotal role here. It’s never about embedding every solution with all the available technologies. In an industry like power, having ample knowledge and travelling abreast of the trends, while staying close to clients requirements are the key,” asserts Ankit Vyas, Director, Vibha Power Solutions. This in fact is the rationale behind VPS staying in close proximity with its clients – to comprehend their changing needs & concerns.

Having motivated by this research-driven approach and with investments in need-based technologies, it customizes its solutions to match the sophisticated & challenging requirements of different clients. Ankit adds,“We believe that if you are close to the requirement, you are close to the solution”. In other words, VPS diagnoses the craters, tailor-makes inch-perfect solution, and delivers it in intact quality, as it knows time-tested, sustainable solutions pave the way to
customer's heart.

The company is built on an ethos that breathes transparency, quality, reliability, and responsible after sales services, which makes them place sustainability at the helm while offering its products & services that include, but not limited to, Power Trading, Energy Audit (saves around 10,000 MW energy), Energy Management, Renewable Energy Projects, and Smart Automation. "Our company’s power trading capacity has increased and we expect to cross 200 MW by the end of this year,” says Ankit. Comprising all these qualities, its highly customized one-stop-power management solution has been a new talk of the town.

The Next Big Thing
VPS commenced its operations in 2013 based out of Ujjain with no investment, but a lucid vision to stand in the power market as one of the trusted & reliable service providers. Owing to its intensive dedication, training & flexible work culture, and hardworking employees, VPS today commands the market in Madhya Pradesh and envisions achieving the same PAN India initially, and finally in the International market.

After half a decade and an exceptional growth curve,VPS today sets its wings on fire with a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind smart automation solution that involves Robotics and many other high-end technologies. As the project has already been approved by the government and is under initiation, VPS looks forward to revenue of Rs.5 crore by the end of this financial year.