Veracity Group: A Tech Friendly Legal Firm Experts at Delivering Quick, Easy & Accurate Outcome

Ashish Tarwani,FounderIndia was ranked 11th in the Global FDI Confidence Index of 2018, making it the second highest ranked emerging market for Foreign Direct Investments. Startups & emerging businesses from all across the globe prefer to register their companies in India for various reasons, some of which are the ease to raise funding, limits the liabilities of its shareholders, and enhanced employee stock options, to name a few. A Private Limited company is one of the most popular corporate entities preferred amongst the small, medium, and large enterprises setting up business in India due to its various advantages. As a result, the Indian legal services industry is picking up a tremendous pace of growth due to the upbeat demand. This is where Nagpur headquartered Veracity Group comes in with a plethora of consultancy, legal advisory, registration, Protecting IPR through Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights & Design Registrations & brand building services which makes the entire process of company registration a smooth one.

Conceived in 2010 by a young & dynamic professional, Ashish Tarwani a law professional specializing in cyber laws company Laws & Intellectual property laws, over the past decade, Veracity Group has been one of the fastest growing legal firms in India. Clients can avail Veracity's legal services from its three offices based in Nagpur, Mumbai and New Delhi. The firm has
seven other branches spread across the length and breadth of the country, with interior branches at tier-II cities such as Raipur and Jaipur also.

These developments make the Veracity Group one of the fastest evolving legal service providers in India. In its ten plus years of existence, the firm has served clients from almost all industries, be it pharma ceutical, IT or the Food industry. Veracity Group has served several government departments as well, with over 245,000 plus happy clients under its banner.

What makes the Veracity Group stand apart is its smooth process, which is fully automated and keeps the clients updated with their work status in real-time

What makes Veracity Group stand apart is its smooth process, which is fully automated and keeps the clients updated with their work status in real time. Veracity Group consists of employees who are lawyers by profession. The company does not intake any employee who is a non lawyer. Even the firm's Customer Support Executives are lawyers, wherein clients ask many law related questions answered by the Customer Support Executive on call. This process not only saves time for the client's but also, he/she is provided with maximum information in a single call itself.

Many entrepreneurs out there today don't know which company they should form, Private Limited or LLP or Partnership or a simple Proprietorship. With the help of Veracity lawyers, they can finally get to know the pros and cons of all the business entities available.

Harbouring Innovations for the Future
Being a tech savvy firm, Veracity is coming up with a DIY(Do It Yourself) platform for agreement and deeds drafting. And aslo a free question and answer platform for people to write questions. The panel of lawyers at Veracity shall answer their queries for free and a Lawyer Client Platform for clients to search for lawyers world wide, connect with them, buy their packages, and avail the services.

Veracity Group is also coming up with CSR activities such as Cyber Security Seminars in which the company shall conduct free seminars all over India to promote Cyber Security and ways to curb cyber crime. For the upcoming future, Veracity Group is looking to have its global presence by spreading its wings to the United States of America, UAE (Starting with Dubai), UK and Canada.