Vera Solutions : Increasing the Value Proposition of Clients through E-Commerce Outsourcing Services

 Ravi Dubey, Vikas Anand,  Co-FoundersThe Indian e-commerce outsourcing market size was valued at $74.8 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $350 billion by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 27 percent. E-commerce outsourcing presents a spectrum of advantages, encompassing cost effectiveness, heightened operational efficiency, access to specialized expertise and the utilization of a diverse global talent pool. However, many players in this industry frequently struggle to fully grasp clients’ precise needs because of ineffective communication. Vera Solutions is notably emerging as a top choice as it provides comprehensive services tailored to the needs of e-commerce businesses, aiming to optimize their performance and maximize their potential in the market.

Founded in January 2022, Vera Solutions is an e-commerce outsourcing partner offering a diverse range of high-quality services, spanning e-commerce Account Management, Trademark Registration, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research Analysis, Content Creation and Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, and Web Designing Services, catering to businesses of varying scales.

The company represents the collaborative vision of two ambitious entrepreneurs, Ravi Dubey and Vikas Anand, who joined forces to create something impactful. “As the foremost provider of e-commerce solutions, we are the trusted partner for businesses of all sizes and they count on us for top-tier professionalism and dependability due to our dedication to excellence”, saysRavi Dubey, Co-Founder.

Offering Diverse Range of Services

In the realm of e-commerce, the company offers various services to assist its clients in
managing their online presence effectively. These services include managing accounts on e-commerce platforms, designing visually appealing catalogues to showcase products, running sponsored advertisements to increase visibility, and managing marketing campaigns to drive sales. Moreover, the company specializes in creating engaging graphics and infographics to enhance product presentations. It also provides content writing services for catalogues and optimize product listings for better visibility on Amazon through structured SEO programs.

Vera Solutions also provides digital marketing services and offers end to-end solutions for diverse business projects. Additionally, the company goes beyond traditional services by offering sales boost services, which may include strategies to increase conversion rates and optimize sales funnels. Furthermore, the company provides B2B consultancy, where it advises other businesses on growth strategies and provide guidance on how to navigate the competitive e-commerce landscape effectively.

By implementing efficient methods, Vera Solutions helps its clients gain an edge over competitors by streamlining processes, reducing costs & ultimately enhancing their market position

Vera Solutions’ team strives tirelessly to guarantee that each project delivers remarkable results to clients with an unparalleled level of quality, consistently ensuring satisfaction. With a presence of over 30 marketplaces, the company has amassed a significant client base globally, serving countries including Qatar, the USA, Turkey, Australia, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Japan, and others. The company holds the top rank as the primary service provider network partner for Amazon sellers based in the USA.

Vera Solutions emphasizes the importance of operational excellence, ensuring that clients’ businesses are running smoothly and efficiently. By focusing on reducing costs without compromising quality or effectiveness, the firm helps its clients navigate the competitive landscape more effectively. Additionally, the company provides support to its clients by facilitating the acquisition of compliance and regulatory services, including Trademark Certificates, GST Certificates, FSSAI Licenses, Food Licenses, Import-Export Licenses, and other relevant certifications.

In the upcoming period, Vera Solutions is set to broaden its clientele across multiple continents and is in the process of registering in various regions. Furthermore, the company is actively pursuing the recruitment of additional employees within this year. Ultimately, its goal is to equip e-commerce businesses with the tools and strategies needed to achieve long-term success and dominance in respective markets.