Veeral Controls: Enhancing Electrical Systems with Impeccable Innovation

Varunesh Kumar,Managing Director

Varunesh Kumar

Managing Director

Although the world is now well aware of the gravity of tapping down energy resources on judicious accounts, in the league of industrial outgrowth and mass manufacturing, the need of power intensive machinery cannot be deferred. With the majority of India's manufacturing carried on high voltage power supply, the situation demands for the break through of energy efficient technologies in the spectrum of alternative energy resources. Veeral Controls, a Gujarat-based niche power electronics manufacturer, is one such path-breaker, which re-leverages its 25 years of operational expertise and in-house manufacturing facility to provide power & electrical solutions extending across Wind, Solar, Renewable and General Power systems.

Renowned for building the world's largest inverter (12000Amp) half a decade ago, Veeral engages its constantly innovating solid R&D wing to build energy efficient machineries for bigwig energy centers like BARC, BHEL, Rockwell Automation, ABB, and many more. Leveraging the immensity of the ODM market, it improvises year after
year on its product line-up making sure of the effective resource engineering for its clients. "A product that we make this year would be an improvised version from what it was last year. We’re very flexible in terms of adopting new technologies," affirms Varunesh Kumar, Managing Director, Veeral Controls. Not just on its original technology, the company also improves the designs of imported technologies to maximize their efficiency. Its endeavour once reduced the typical loss figure of a German-imported converter from 4800 Watts per sack to 3600 Watts, thus improving its efficiency by 25 percent.

Ensuring the highest quality, top-notch contemporary activity, design and user quality control, has empowered Veeral to be recognized as a big player who can provide large HVPS for research

Translating Innovation into Client's Advantage
The company stands afar from its competition with its prowess in translating this innovative capability for its clients’ advantage. One of its customers who used to buy 70 percent of their electricity converter from an MNC approached Veeral, as the MNC refused to solve the fault with the converter citing that their 70 percent is working well. Being a multi-disciplinary company, Veeral identified that the controller is
causing the problem and rectified it within a month. "We understand that our customers’ problem is our problem. We understand client’s end requirement, study their entire system and then our innovators including our senior engineers, design managers& project managers, design the equipment that is compatible with the clients system. We go out of the domain to give an extra mile to the customers as a total solution provider," affirms Varunesh.

Ensuring the highest quality, top-notch contemporary activity, design and user quality control has empowered Veeral to be recognized as a big player who can provide large HVPS for research. As the Uranium, Coal & Fossil fuels are on the verge of exhaustion, and alternatives like Solar & Wind are inconsistent, Veeral, in association with the Institute of Plasma Research, and many others, pegs on the futuristic energy source – the Plasma and has created eco-fuels which would have else been imported. Moreover, its association with the companies surrounding its unit enables Veeral to ramp up its operations and meet deadlines in times of emergency and to deliver the goods to far locations.

Today, the company has created a niche for itself and has inevitable commitment towards client's happiness. Thanks to Veeral's flexible organization structure that follows unregimented work culture, thus encourages creativity with awards like 'innovator of the month'. Banking on customers’ satisfaction, Veeral envisions going global as a reliable one-stop electronic company which can cater to your entire spectrum.