Vedic Village Spa Resort: Pioneering the Evolution of Corporate Team Building & Wellness Retreats

Rajib Roy Choudhury,Sr. General Manager

Rajib Roy Choudhury

Sr. General Manager

The global corporate teambuilding market is evolving, driven by an emphasis on fostering strong team dynamics and enhancing employee morale and productivity. As organizations aim to create positive work environments and maximize team performance, the demand for innovative and tailored programs grows. Capitalizing on this demand is Vedic Village Spa Resort offering experiential learning and holistic wellness activities tailored for corporate team-building in a serene natural setting.

Vedic Village Spa Resort harmoniously combines luxury with authentic architecture, featuring distinctive elements that set it apart. Spanning 150 acres, its landscape showcases indigenous design with contemporary villas and bungalows. The resort's 14 banqueting venues feature simple designs adorned with murals capturing Bengal's essence, while sustainable materials like bamboo and thatch highlight its commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Ideal for corporate retreats and offsites, the resort is nestled in nature near Kolkata airport and provides diverse venues for corporate events and social gatherings. Accommodations range from state-of-the-art rooms to ethnic villas, suitable for corporate groups of all sizes. With a Vedic Wellness Ayurveda Centre and various recreational activities like swimming pools and adventure zones, the resort promises a holistic retreat experience promoting productivity and camaraderie.

Unique Offerings

The resort offers various team-building exercises, from outbound training to helping good teams become great.
Activities focus on achieving goals, fostering a ‘Can Do Will Do’ attitude, promoting creativity, teamwork, planning, and direction. Popular activities include Mission IM Possible, Leaky Pipes, and Drum Jam. These exercises improve synchronization, and empathy, and guide teams toward effective approaches. Indoor options include board games, table tennis, and yoga, while outdoor activities range from high rope courses to shooting and rides like segways and paddle boats. Educational activities include plantation walks and star gazing, while sports facilities include cricket, football, and volleyball.

Vedic Village Spa Resort offers a range of banquet options tailored to various needs, including OM series, comprising halls of different sizes ranging from 800 to 3200 sq. ft., each with 25 to 200 people. Additionally, there are Aqua Club conference rooms, Ballrooms, Utsav Convention Centre 6000 sq ft Pillarless, and Vedic Arena, each offering unique features such as pillar-less spaces, VIP zones, and expansive lawns. The facilities cater to gatherings ranging from intimate meetings to large-scale events, providing amenities ideal for corporate functions, team-building activities, social events, and sporting events.

The Vedic Village Spa Resort also promises top-notch wellness treatments through Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Western therapies like Swedish and Deep Tissue massages. Ayurvedic options like Shirodhara, Abhyangam, and Panchkarma are available, alongside Naturopathic treatments like Mud baths and Colone Hydrotherapy. Guests can also enjoy activities such as E-Cycle trekking, visits to local fisheries, farmer’s market tours, and day trips to Sundarban, the largest Mangrove Forest in the world. The resort brings forth a unique fusion of wellness and adventure, with its Wellness Centre catering to therapeutic needs and the adventure zone offering high-rope courses and a turfed arena for families and corporate groups.

"The expert team at Vedic Village Spa Resort ensures seamless operations and exceptional guest experiences across hospitality, wellness, dining, and events. Their dedication and professionalism attract global visitors, fostering guest satisfaction and loyalty, and contributing significantly to the resort's success as a premier destination", shares Rajib Roy Choudhury, Sr. General Manager.

In the three years since the pandemic, Vedic Village Spa Resort has seen notable revenue growth, driven by rising demand for wellness retreats, weddings, corporate events, and outdoor activities. It has gained new clients from various sectors, broadening its market reach. The resort has expanded its facilities, including rooms, villas, and banquet options, attracting a wider range of guests and events. These strategic expansions have bolstered the resort's success, cementing its status as a premier hospitality destination. Furthermore, the resort aims to solidify its position as a top holistic wellness and luxury hospitality spot. Its plans involve adopting sustainable practices, providing ecofriendly accommodations, offering unique dining experiences, expanding adventure and wellness activities, and using AI and IoT to enhance guest experiences while keeping a personal touch.