Vcube Tech Solution: Cost-effective Hardware Development Solution for Clients Seeking Highly Reliable and Efficient Design

Kumar Bhagavath,FounderHardware forms the basic and critical building block of any successfully connected solution. With the rapid proliferation of lower process geometries, companies are moving towards miniature boards which are power-optimized and used in a wide range of applications. Hardware engineering is not limited to board design, providing connectivity, testing & validation, and certification, but also involves integrating the various modules to efficient platforms enabling seamless interoperability of the entire System/Product.

The growing customer base and the growth of the increased penetration in the consumer power segment offer great potential for the growth of electronics design houses. Government policies such as Make in India and Digital India have inspired confidence and provided the necessary momentum for growth. Moreover, India has become a global hub for electronics design with nearly 2,000 chips being designed here every year and around 5000,000 engineers working in various aspects of this field, starting from chip design and verification to different stages of product design.

Significantly, Vcube Tech Solution, founded in
2018 is a hardware design company by Kumar Bhagavath, a thorough expert with more than 18 years of experience in the embedded hardware domain. The amalgamation of his industry experience reflects well on the excellent service provided. Vcube Tech works largely on electronic circuit design, printed circuit board layout/simulation & assembled PCB testing, focusing mostly on industrial and telecom applications.

Vcube Tech offers cost-effective hardware development solutions for customers who require high-reliability coupled with efficient design, builds & deploys customized FPGA based solutions which integrate both custom FPGA firmware & hardware engineering and provides all type of PCB Simulation service like, Pre/Post Layout SI Analysis, PI Analysis, Cross-talk Analysis & Thermal Simulation.

The growing customer base and the growth of the increased penetration in the consumer power segment offer great potential for the growth of electronics design house

Further, the company has extensive experience in PCB design in a high-tech environment ranging from small controller boards to very dense and high-speed boards. It supports high and low-mix PCB assemblies for volumes that range from just a few units for prototypes, to modest quantities for pre-production. Vcube Tech has an expert on quick prototyping to full production to suit the various needs of industries that offer high-quality PCB production and assembly services. Also, the company provides board functionality testing that brings up all the interface testing and final integration testing.

Moreover, the company ensures cost-effective standard quality service and high-speed digital design as per the schedule. It assures complete customer satisfaction by providing excellent value securing long-term relationships with them. Currently, Vcube Tech is working in a project for QNu Labs, a leading quantum-safe and solutions provider. QNu Labs is designing a very complex product called quantum key distribution and all the digital hardware section required for that product is executed by Vcube Tech. Further, Kumar Bhagavath is looking forward to moving the office to his property and expanding the team.