Vbeyond Corporation: Helping Bridge The Gaps In Talent Acquisition

Rajesh Khanna, Founder & President

Rajesh Khanna

Founder & President

In the last few years, the world has been on its way to becoming more digitalized and advanced, triggering cultural shifts within organizations across the globe. Considering the global talent landscape, businesses must update their recruitment processes by following the latest hiring trends to optimize the recruitment process in the post-pandemic world. Vbeyond is a global recruitment firm with specialized practices in technology and digital hiring across key industries and sectors. It is a Great Place to Work- Certified organization committed to creating a winning culture for its people across the globe. Vbeyond, founded in 2006, is headquartered in the US, with a global presence across Canada, the UK, and India.

Common recruitment challenges that companies face are involving high costs associated with hiring, finding the right talent, poor retention, and candidates accepting job offers but dropping out at the last minute, to name a few. Handling all these issues by itself becomes a challenge for the company. Vbeyond helps companies source the right talent based on the company’s requirements, skill set, attrition rate, dropout rate, and more. VBeyond consistently adopts technology to transform its processes and approaches digitally, leveraging automation to enable on-demand, agile, and scalable data-driven recruitment. With a legacy of almost two decades in the global market, Vbeyond is one of the leading players in the IT staffing ecosystem.

It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a global footprint (North America, LATM, UK,
EMEA, APAC, Australia) and a $40Mn global staffing services provider. Employing over 600 IT specialist recruiters across India, Vbeyond provides a 360 degree of IT Staffing solutions in IT, BFSI, Business and Consulting, Engineering, Pharma and Healthcare, Energy and Utility, Manufacturing, and Supply chain. “We believe in integrating our passion for people with smart investments in scalable, sustainable and robust technology to help organizations and talents realize their true potential”, says Rajesh Khanna, President and Founder, Vbeyond Corporation.

Partner for Growth
Vbeyond offers services in contingent staffing, executive search, digital hiring, permanent hiring, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), and SOW. In 2019, Under its RPO services, Vbeyond helped a Fortune 500 tech company hire for hard-to-find skills in an increasingly competitive market by developing infrastructure and processes to facilitate the effective recruitment of all permanent and contract staff. Its onsite team undertook the end-to-end process – from attraction and assessment to hiring and onboarding.

This brought down the time taken to fill roles from 100 days to 45 days and reduced costs by 32 percent, with the partnership seeing magnified results year-o-year. “Our experience, large global network, and strong relationships with companies and candidates make us best suited to help organizations fulfill their leadership needs and achieve success”, adds Sandeep Mitra, Co-Founder, Vbeyond Corporation.

Our experience, large global network, & strong relationships with companies & candidates make us best suited to help organizations fulfill their leadership needs & achieve success

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of Vbeyond's services and organizational ethos. Its teams have over 40 percent gender diversity, and its candidate database has over 21 percent diverse profiles, setting it apart from its competitors. Its 600+ recruitment experts have multi-domain experience across industries, regulations, and regions of North America, Europe, and Asia to offer relevant insights and market intelligence. Its workforce consists of 65 percent permanent and 35 percent contingent workforce. VBeyond was named among the Best Workplaces for Women, Top 5 Staffing Companies 2016 by Silicon India, and received Uttar Pradesh Best Employer Brand Award 2017, to name a few.

In honor of completing two decades in the industry in 2026, Vbeyond aims to expand into more countries, especially in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and reach 2000 employees in the next two to three years, entering its third decade with a bang.