Vassago Consultancy: Providing Affordable Cyber Security and Forensic Services

Rohit & Kiran,Owner & Co-Owner

Rohit & Kiran

Owner & Co-Owner

With a wide exposure on the internet, the businesses today also encounter malicious attacks that ends up their data being compromised. Cyber security is the practice that defends the computers, servers and other electronic devices against all kinds of internet threats. The business enterprises today reach out to such companies that provide cyber security to their infrastructure and Vassago Consultancy is one of them. It offers affordable cyber security and forensic services to small scale and medium scale enterprises.

The work from home culture, that has become the new normal since the pandemic, has experienced certain cyber security incidents and cyber crime rates have subsequently increased since then. Thus, the need for data protection and cyber security and forensic has considerably risen. Vassago Consultancy is a startup with a small team of certified ethical hackers. It does not store any kind of data of its clients and most of the services and solutions are offered at the client site itself.

Quality deliverance and affordable pricing
Vassago Consultancy is purely a service / consultancy firm at the present, but it is working on its flagship product ‘chakravayuh’ which is expected to be released in 2nd
quarter of this year. The main USP of the company has been their quality deliverance and affordable pricing. This especially helps the small businesses and startups to secure their data without much financial investment in the same. Vassago has never resorted to outbound marketing efforts and 70-80 percent of its business comes from referrals vetting the quality of services the company delivers.

The main problem in the public and private sectors is the lack of well trained staff. Vassago Consultancy helps these two industries by helping them solve their pain points and providing practical and lasting solutions

The services of the company can be categorized in three segments. Firstly, it offers Cyber Security to the big and small enterprises. It provides cyber audit and risk assessment services, helping its clients to achieve industry standards compliance certifications like ISO27001, HIPPA, SOC, PCI-DSS and GDPR. Secondly, the company provides cyber forensics services. It provides cyber investigation and forensic services to local law enforcement agencies aiding them in cybercrime investigations and training & capacity building of their man force. The third segment deals with providing cyber intelligence gathering services to both corporate as well as government bodies.

Vassago Consultancy caters to both corporate and government needs. Both these sectors face different set of challenges. For instance, corporates mainly face challenges in compliance management and having a robust information security plan in place whereas in government sector the challenge is mostly lack of skilled human resource. Vassago Consultancy helps both these sectors by assisting them in their pain points and providing them with practical and long-lasting solutions.

In addition to the above, to keep costs low, Vassago usually subscribes to opensource solutions which are not only high quality but also are customizable due to their open source nature and can be implemented according to the clients need. Moreover, it constantly keeps tab on new findings and threats in dark web which allows the company to be vigilant enough to warn its clients against next potential attack vectors and eliminating the risks for them.