Vardhman Envirotech: A Young Team Dedicated to Harvest Rainwater for Water Secure Development

Amit Doshi,Director

Amit Doshi


97 percent of water on the Earth is salty water while only 3 percent is fresh water. Over past 100 years, the consumption of fresh water has increased by more than 500 percent resulting in fresh water scarcity. It is estimated that by 2025 two third of population will live in water stressed areas. Rainwater has always been around and is a basic source of water owing to its availability however still, about 54 percent of the population faces shortage of water and this issue is unsolved in many parts of the country. Established in 2014, Vardhman Envirotech is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company was set up with a vision to make our world, a Water Positive habitat by simple, scientific and sensible technologies that harvest Rain Water.

Vardhman Envirotech provides various services on Rain Water Harvesting such as Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting, RAINTAP Rooftop Filters, RAINY Rooftop Filters, Surface Rainwater Reuse and Vardhman's Injection Recharge Wells. Currently, Vardhman Envirotech has collaborated with various National Companies like Ambuja Foundation and Multinational companies in order to spread awareness about Rain Water Harvesting. Using their unique method of rainwater harvesting the company has completed 25000+ installations so far. Vardhman Envirotech offers its services and consultation in many Asian and African countries and is presently located in 15 cities of India.
Vardhman Envirotech has developed a system using old and golden principles which bridges a gap between the scar-city of water and availability of fresh resource that is rain-water. "The water that is being harvested by us at present is nearly 8 percent of what we get in India. Rainwater that is running on the surface of roads, colonies or cities goes waste or creates natural disasters that goes wasted. For this, we use a simple, economical, compact, and modular model which can be done by even a local plumber. This product serves the intention of saving rainwater and it can be reused so eas-ily. Also, this will not need any high maintenance charge. It should also have basic facilities like water draining, readymade cleaning filter and should not occupy the space, it should be closed, and compact. Having done these observations, we designed a product which is highly suitable and affordable for a common man to adapt," says Amit Doshi, Director, Vardhman Envirotech.

Vardhman Envirotech is associated with many reputed associations of the country like Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indian Plumbing Association, JITO, Alert Vyapar Organization, Amazon India INC and many more on the list. They also collaborate internationally with Indo African Chambers of Commerce (IACC), Indo American Chambers of Commerce (IACC) and American Water Works Association (AWWA). The company offers their services to some of the leading companies of India like ONGC, Borosil, Parle Agro, ESSAR, State Bank of India, Adani group, IFFCO, Secure Meters, KSPG, Electrotherm and more.

Vardhman Envirotech offers its services and consultation in many Asian and African countries and is presently located in 15 cities of India

The Director, Amit Doshi was awarded with Climate Crusader Award and GSI Person of the Year 2019 ­ Water Conservation by Green Society of India. Vardhman Envirotech has also won various awards and been recognized for their outstanding work in and around the country. The company has won Green Enterprise 2019 Award at International Green Mentors Conference, PRO PLANET BRAND 2019 at the UN Solution Summit under Global Innovation Exchange and many more. Amit adds, "We have two sets of clients, one is domestic clients, and the other one is industrial. The base part of most of our clients is referrals. They like our work and spread it to their near ones, we provide a good level of client satisfaction and receives plenty of good feedback." With positive growth, the company is looking forward to launching their services and consultation under PAN India Network.