VANS Chemistry: Redefining e-Waste Recycling with a Touch of Global Finesse

Venkatesha Murthy,FounderBetween FY18 and FY20, India's e-Waste generation rose by nearly 43 percent. Today, India is the third biggest e-Waste generator behind the US and China. Still, most companies and stake holders remain largely unaware of the adversity of the situation and continue to grapple with basic problems of e-Waste management. VANS Chemistry, headquartered in Singapore with an Integrated e-Waste Recycling facility in India is one company that has been implementing global best practices to help bridge the gap between stakeholders e-Waste Generators, recylers, Consumers and Policy makers in India. VANS Chemistry is a one stop solution provider for all E-Resource requirements. The company operates on certain key principles such as preservation of natural resources, protection of IP, reclaiming of valuable resources & strategic metals and lastly but most importantly putting it back into the Indian supply chain to create Sustainability on e-Waste Management. VANS Chemistry is the second company in Asia awarded with R2v3 Certification, which is one of the most stringent standards for Responsible Recycling. They are also certified with ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 45001.

VANS Chemistry is led by Venkatesha Murthy (Venky), a Global Icon, holding a strong academic background and extensive industrial experience and exposure in the international market. He has 25 years of working relationship with multinational companies involved in EEE Product manufacturing, Precious metals, Plating, Mining and Technology development. His
vision and professionalism have resulted in VANS. He was awarded `NRI of the Year' and selected by Recycling International, Europe at its TOP 100 Professionals who are contributing and ruling the Recycling Industry Globally. And he is selected as a VICE Chairman of SERI,(R2) US and his strong drive towards environmental sustain ability has prompted VANS as a company to adopt the highest standards of pollution control and health safety standards.

World class e-Waste recycling backed by state-of-the-art technology
"We strongly believe that Research and Development are necessary for business expansion and to bethe leading institution in the development of frontier technology," says Venky. VANS Chemistry therefore has a dedicated team to innovate new technologies, customize the processes and implement techniques for the recovery of strategic & rare earth metals from the most complex materials and treat process waste that contains intricate contaminants. VANS Chemistry's technological solution includes a complete package that helps the clients in control and treat Air, Water and Soil pollution.

VANS Chemistry can also assist organizations by developing and implementing effective management and certification systems which will help enhance the credibility, reliability and marketability of their business, worldwide. When clients approach VANS, the team internally analyzes the data, conducts extensive research and investigation. Based on these results, the team at VANS then decides on the service that should be designed, delivered, priced and marketed.

As a part of its service portfolio, the company also offers expert advice & consultancy services on a wide spectrum of activities across the waste management industries including Recycling and Refining of e-Waste, Battery, Automobile Catalyst, Semiconductors, Jewellery, Mining, Dental and more.

At the forefront of e-Waste Recycling
The company's business operations are guided by strongly rooted values in environmental protection, and it aims to lead by example through the practice of Corporate Social Responsibility. The company seeks to achieve continuous improvement in the development of advanced technology through its Research and Development.

In the future, the company hopes to fortify global efforts towards environment conservation and become a knowledge partner to transform informal sectors so they do not lose their 'bread and butter'. "Waste is also Value and the life span of the resources can be extended through the Circular economy model and we also hope to help India develop metal security and walk the path toward the Government's vision of new India," concludes Venky.