ValueMentor: Offering Firm Grip to Organizations on IT Security & Risk

Binoy Koonammavu,Founder & CEO

Binoy Koonammavu

Founder & CEO

The year 2021 was devastating for cybersecurity. Threat actors were poised to take advantage of the transitory period as businesses sped digital adoption and consumers lived their lives online. They brutally targeted everything from essential health infrastructure to small and mediumsized organizations. By taking a systematic approach to cybersecurity, ValueMentor helps clients to reduce risk. With their comprehensive spectrum of service capabilities, from strategy to technology, and all in between, the firm aligns clients' security programs to achieve precise business results.

Founded in 2014, ValueMentor is a full-fledged cyber security partner helping organizations worldwide to manage cyber risks effortlessly. The firm offers risk & compliance services, security testing & managed security services. "ValueMentor was founded to help organizations struggling to secure their information assets. We have been optimizing the cyber security of our customers ever since. We believe in providing solutions that are technology and vendor agnostic. We give risk based remedial advice that is tailored to our clients' individual business goals", explained Binoy Koonammavu, Founder and CEO, ValueMentor.

Security Based Solutions and Services
ValueMentor is a global information security consulting & services company that delivers real results to global businesses in maximizing cybersecurity. This is delivered through its global proactive threat intelligence centers providing the foundation for its security operations. Along with this, the company provides managed security services, security testing, DevOps security, cyber forensics, incident response, and compliance services customized to every business. Additionally, the company offers ValueMentor's vCISO service, which helps customers with effective advisory strategies and controls, building an upright cyber security posture. ValueMentor's Virtual CISO (vCISO) service is a subscription-based security management offering to assist smaller to mid sized businesses that want to outsource some or all CISO functions to a specialized information security organization. A Virtual CISO is an outsourced security professional who regularly contributes their time and expertise to a company to assist in developing or managing the firm's security strategy.

ValueMentor is a global information security consulting & services company that delivers real results to global businesses in maximizing cybersecurity

"As a full service cyber security service provider, we help our customers manage cyber risks, meet compliance requirements and detect & respond to incidents while protecting their business. This we do with the help of Value Mentor consultants who are skilled to understand your business operations quickly and can help you identify the security weaknesses and improvement opportunities quickly. This capability is a winning factor for us in gaining more customers and providing quick wins as well as tactical and strategic solutions for them", added Binoy.

ValueMentor is one of the leading cyber security service providers with customers in the USA, UAE, UK, India, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Uganda. Since its founding in 2014, ValueMentor has completed more than 2500 small, medium, and large cyber security projects. Organizations such as Oracle & Microsoft have recognized ValueMentor's team members for their contributions to the community. With such exceptional services, ValueMentor aims to be one of the top 10 cybersecurity service providers globally in the next ten years. Their goal is to be a trusted partner in cyber security, compliance & risk management.