V3 Facade Design Studio: Tackling Complex Design Challenges with Experience and Expertise

Vicky Vora,Founder & Principal

Vicky Vora

Founder & Principal

The facade engineering and design services market in India is growing due to the country's cost-effectiveness compared to other nations and the technical skills and knowledge of Indian professionals. The country's increasing demand for sustainable and functional buildings also contributes to the market's growth. With advancements in technology and materials, facade design has become an integral part of modern construction. V3 Facade Design Studio is a Facade design consultancy firm with hands-on experience working on various projects, including residential, commercial, IT parks, hospitals, data centres, private residencies, mixed-use developments, convention centres, and hotels. With a focus on sustainability, the studio aims to develop innovative solutions that address the unique challenges of each project.

The major pain points customers face in the facade segment include the challenges of achieving a high-performance & safe facade within a predefined budget, lack of awareness of code requirements and standard practices, lack of technical knowledge and cost. V3 FDS addresses these pain points by sharing technical presentations to educate the site team and design offices on facade design and engineering, providing detailed project analysis, and offering engineered solutions based on technical requirements, codal requirements, project economics, available skill set and local materials. V3FDS has had a challenging but rewarding journey since its inception in May 2019. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic,
the company managed to pay its employees on time without any pay cuts. "While we've been focused on survival until now, we are willing to take further risks of expansion and collaboration to grow our business", says the founder and principal façade consultant, Vicky Vora, Founder & Principal Façade Consultant. V3FDS is monitoring more than Rs. 2000 crore worth of facades, with involvement in large-scale redevelopment projects, namely India’s tallest towers and India’s Biggest redevelopment project at BDD Chawl, Mumbai, Mumbai's biggest cluster development at Bhendi Bazaar, Mumbai, and associated with brands such as Godrej Properties, Shapoorji Pallonji Group, Tata Trust, Tata Projects, Tata Steel, JSW, MappleTree, and LIC Of India.

V3 Facade Design Studio creates sustainable and innovative Facade solutions tailored to each project's unique challenges

Versatile, Vibrant, Vigorous
V3 Facade Design Studio offers a range of services related to building facades. In the pretender stage, it understands client requirements and prepares detailed design documents. During the tender stage, the company evaluates vendor submissions and provides recommendations. In the post tender stage, it reviews shop drawings, approves final drawings, and inspects ongoing installations. Onsite services include preparing snag reports, reviewing compliance reports, witnessing tests, and reviewing test reports from testing laboratories. V3 FDS provides smooth handover to mitigate construction tolerances and ensures proper selection of materials, aesthetics, simplicity of work, site tolerances, and provision for maintenance and repairs at a later stage. “We offer a comprehensive suite of services related to facade design and construction aimed at ensuring high-quality results for its clients”, says Vicky Vora.

V3FDS's USP is its commitment, honesty, promptness, thorough business ethics, zero compromise, and a no-nonsense attitude. The company is willing to offer free project review services to government hospitals which are meant for better for the economically weaker section as a part of its CSR initiative which shall include defining project specifications and conveying minimum technical and code requirements. V3 FDS strives to provide high quality services while maintaining its values and positively impacting society. V3FDS team has expertise in various industries, focusing on a mixed approach of conventional and innovative thinking. Its growth story is reflected in its expanding clientele and project portfolio.

V3 FDS aims to expand its reach by serving more clients and projects nationwide. The company will focus on offering more technical services related to façade design and engineering for the next five years.