V2Technosys: Striving to Build a Seamless Online Ecosystem

Vinay Murarka,PartnerIn today's digital world, we can do anything online. From selling a pen tip to pant zip, yeah, even the "3 Idiots" movie from which we stole this line is available online. However, to have a strong online presence and sell stuff on any digital medium - all that matters is the brand. With that said, V2Technosys supports you to create such a brand with its flagship services like domain name registration, web hosting, web development, and online marketing service.

The company is on a mission to help small & medium business to have an online presence by which they become visible to their target audience and execute your business idea to reality, which helps them for exponential business growth & execution of their idea at a reasonable cost. While building the presence, the company promotes their products and brand with best possible ROI. V2 provides support to SMEs & Start-ups and resolves their cyber/ digital issues such as spam emails, server downtime, delays in mail delivery, and mail security.

In 2020, amidst pandemic, while the whole world was transitioning from classrooms to E-Learning, Physical offices to Virtual office, V2Technosys included Google Meet Solution into its services portfolio to support such transitions. The brand recognized the need
for a `one-to-one' approach and follows an open line of communication throughout the design process, providing a personal, friendly touch, and ensuring complete client satisfaction.

"Since our inception in 2008, we have tirelessly worked on establishing an ecosystem that works perfectly for clients from different genres. With many tests, trials, and brainstorming sessions, we created a comprehensive checklist for quality tests. Our team makes sure to complete every step in the checklist before considering it done from our end. The thing is, we believe that there should be no room for compromise when it comes to the quality of the services. This is what we thrive for, and what our clients like about V2," says Vinay Murarka, the founding partner.

He further adds, "In our opinion, it is not what we sell but what we offer with the packages, makes us different. V2 Technologies is known for its after-sale services. We do not just sell the services, but we offer our credibility on the line."

V2 ensues that all its clients know about the products of Google Workspace and use them extensively to make their business practices easier

Marching towards the Glory
"In terms of success story, I would like to talk about one of the top clients who have over a hundred employees in their company. For the last six years, they were using a US service provider and paying them top dollars to keep the emails up and running. However, from time-to-time, they would face downtime issues causing severe financial losses. Later, they approached us via another client and asked if we could help. Within the next week, we helped them mi-grate all their data and emails to Google Workspace. During the pandemic, while their workforce was working from home, not even a single mail got delayed, and their business never saw a downtime," Vinay informs.

The Roadmap
The startup market is huge, every year thousands of startups are launched, hoping to be successful one day. Eventually, they realize that it's not that easy to run a business. In this regards, V2Technosys is looking forward to helping startups with technical aspects and become the go-to solution for budding brands.