V1 Facility Services: Revolutionizing Facilities Management with Unrivaled Expertise

 Shreekar Reddy,  Founder & CEO

Shreekar Reddy

Founder & CEO

Facility management services have experienced a considerable increase in importance and have become indispensable in various industries. As efficiency, sustainability and employee wellbeing become increasingly important, facility management has expanded to include a variety of services aimed at optimizing the built environment. From infrastructure maintenance to the implementation of cuttingedge technologies, evolving trends in facility management highlight the shift towards holistic approaches that increase operational efficiency and occupant satisfaction. Headquartered in Hyderabad, V1 Facility Services specializes in integrated facility management. The company's commitment to exceptional customer service and experience has enabled us to develop a comprehensive offering in the field of integrated facility management.

Visionary Approach

“In 2018, our journey began with the inception of our firm, focusing on facility services. The primary motive behind our establishment was to generate employment opportunities, particularly for the unskilled and semi-skilled workforce. Our vision was centered on creating a platform that not only provided jobs but also nurtured individuals with the right attitude and hunger for success. From the outset, we laid a strong foundation based on a clear blueprint and a culture of loyalty and dedication. We recognized the market demand and positioned ourselves to bridge the gap between the corporate sector and the unskilled labor force”, speaks Shreekar Reddy, Founder and CEO.
V1 Facility Services' USP lies in filling a crucial gap in the market. While high-end multinational corporations target large clients and budget-focused companies serve basic needs, the firm offers quality standards at affordable prices. The company’s homegrown leadership, starting from guards to managerial positions, ensures integrity and industry insight. V1 Facility Services prides itself on being pocket-friendly while maintaining high standards and attention to detail. Expanding from security to integrated facility management, the firm conducts regular internal audits and client meetings to ensure transparency and satisfaction. This dedication has driven its success, allowing it to continually improve and meet client needs.

V1 Facility Services exemplifies resilience & innovation, navigating through challenges to emerge as a dynamic force in the facility management industry

Innovative Solutions

The firm is predominantly composed of young professionals, typically ranging from late 20s to mid 30s, who are well-versed in technological advancements. With a dedicated R&D team, V1 Facility Services stay abreast of the latest gadgets and innovations to enhance both its and the customers' experiences. The company continuously explores new technologies, ensuring user-friendliness, compatibility, sustainability, and enhancement of services. Currently, it is piloting drone patrolling systems, a pioneering approach in the security industry. The firm challenges its vendors to innovate, seeking cost-effective solutions and service enhancements. Despite serving large communities like LNT Metro Hyderabad and numerous gated communities, totaling two million customers and 400,000 residents, it remains agile and efficient through robust command and control systems and effective communication.

“In just five years we have grown rapidly despite facing two pandemics and economic shutdowns. Our turnover has surged from one crore to 30 crores, with projections to reach 50 crores next year. Serving over 120 clients in India, we are looking forward to expand internationally to the Middle East and the East. Alongside V1 Facility Services, we've launched two associated firms: V1 Facility Services (IFMS) and Northeast Facility Management Services, catering to different market segments”, says Shreekar Reddy. Looking ahead V1 Facility Services aims to diversify into soft services, and expand globally. In addition to facility management services, the firm has diversified into other businesses such as V1 Hospitality, which operates many staycations and resorts. Additionally, the company is involved in infrastructure development and real estate portfolio solutions through their firm V1 INFRA, owning a total of five to six firms under the V1 Group.