Ushodaya Electronics: Sourcing Electronic Legacy Components to Aerospace and Defence Industries

M. Subramanya Sridhar,Director  A joint report by Roland Berger, NASSCOM and IESA reveals that India’s Aerospace and Defence (A&D) industry is expected to consume electronics worth $70-72 billion in the next decade, as the country rapidly modernizes its military by adopting new technologies. But in India, the design fructifies after grueling processes that take ample time and till it gets ready for production, some of the components used are either obsolete or have been issued with an end-of-life (EOL) notification. This has led to cheap imports from neighboring countries which has downgraded the quality of the end products. Ushodaya Electronics - a leading independent A&D electronic component distributor routinely supports mission critical legacy products. The company not only sources these hard to find components from best resources across the world but also suggests their equivalent products without changing the basic design.

Debuted in 2003, Ushodaya extensively deals with relays, DC-DC converters, switches, cables, connectors, cables, cable assemblies, software and others wherein these components form the
heart and brain of any airborne systems. “We are authorized distributors for various niche components used in A&D industries and are omnipresent in every airborne systems & subsystems launched by India presently,” avers M. Subramanya Sridhar, Director, Ushodaya Electronics. Over the years, the organization has expanded the customer base from A&D to industries like railways, solar power, and others thus bringing in new set of challenges.

Ushodaya associates with the manufacturers of all the components listed in the BOM to offer turnkey solution for procuring the whole BOM

The Big Differentiator
Unlike others who lack the breadth of acquiring the whole BOM, Ushodaya associates with the manufacturers of all the components listed in the BOM to offer turnkey solution for procuring the whole BOM. The company connects with clients, gathers their BOMs and identifies the products EOL/obsolete parts and suggests the similar component, enabling them to change their design before start of the next production cycle and manage their production schedules. Its direct connection with manufacturer’s technical team aid the firm to discuss the projects with consumers and suggest them any required design change, thereby saving lot of time and R&D expenditure engaged in obtaining the right design. Besides, deploying
zero failure components policy to ensure the purchase of the component from the authorized manufacturers, Ushodaya also educates clients on importance of buying the components from the genuine sources. These strict sourcing policies prevent clients from buying fake components and facilitate them to schedule their production respectively without any component failure and enabling Ushodaya to maintain the traceability of the procured components.

Dedicated towards providing exceptional customer experience, the venture performs all the necessary paperwork for all the sourced components indicating their qualification and fitness. In fact, the firm is working with customers and manufacturers to develop various turnkey solutions in order to get rid from the threat of obsolescence and encourages customers to work on new designs without bothering about support for existing designs. Its well trained and experienced team leaves no stone unturned to provide best available resources at affordable cost to the clients. Complete satisfaction and accountability is always Ushodaya’s top priority and hence offers complete before and after sales services.

With a growth rate of 20 percent (YoY), the firm is planning to establish branch offices in all metro cities and initiates local operations from facilitating faster service in less turnaround. “We have a healthy order book and are looking to consolidate our position further with some design wins and long term contracts with our customers, thus keeping us busy in the near future,” concludes Subramanya.