UP2DATEZ BUSINESS SOLUTIONS: A Trusted Labeling Partner Achieving Finest Labeling Solution for Complex AI Algorithms

Praveen Elamaran,CEOA promising sector, the global data annotation tools market is constantly thriving at a CAGR of 26.9%, owing to the surging adoption of new-age tools across various sectors such as automotive, retail, healthcare, and more. Enabling the users to enhance the value of data by adding attribute tags to it or labeling it, the use of Artificial Intelligence is the key factor driving the image and data an-notation market.

Envisaging the end-less possibilities surfacing in the Indian market, UP2DATEZ BUSINESS SOLUTIONS was established by Praveen Elamaran who left his profession as a banker aside to pursue his dream as a new-age leader by the virtue of his industry-ready vision, contemporary ideas and engineering education. Commencing its journey in August 2015 with a vision to provide high-quality software services to local and off-shore customers within an affordable cost UP2DATEZ BUSINESS SOLUTIONS boasts a number of successful and customer-satisfied projects under its belt under the guidance of Praveen Elamaran within a short span.

Working with top-notch corporate conglomerates as their trusted Labeling Partner to help them achieve 100% labeling solution for their complex AI algorithms, UP2DATEZ BUSINESS SOLUTIONS provides solutions across various verticals such as An-notation Services, Inbound Services, Outbound Services, customer services and more. "We are currently delivering all the annotations services such as sensor fusion annotation segments, semantic
segmentation, video annotations, polylines, 2D bounding boxes, three bounding boxes, cuboids, polygons, landmarks, lighters, LIDAR and segmentation. As per the current trends in the market, we are offering bounding boxes, also, 3D annotations, autonomous vehicles, tagging of aerial pictures, drone technology control an-notations.

Currently delivering over 30MM data points a month, our data annotation team is capable of drawing Bounding Boxes, Cuboids, Polygon, Picture Classification/Tagging, Text Annotation, Image Masking Annotation, Data Annotation & Labeling, 2D & 3D Annotation, Semantic Segmentation, 3D LIDAR Annotation, Autonomous Vehicle, Tagging of aerial view pictures, Drone Technology, Con-tour Annotation, voice annotation, IR training, Audio segmentation, Line an-notation and more," says Praveen Ela-maran, CEO, UP2DATEZ BUSINESS SOLUTIONS.

Ensuring specialized annotation services of the finest quality by using in-house employees who are equipped with experience in more than 15 different types of annotation over the years, UP2DATEZ BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is often acknowledged as an optimum annotation partner by its clients. Working across various verticals such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image Recognition, Autonomous Vehicle and more, the USP of the firm lies in addressing the need of its clients with customized solutions. "While designing semi or full annotated images we focus more on quality while referring the data with the ML assisted tools as well as sophisticated project management software.

Based on the requirement of our customers, we modify our tools and implement a high-level Quality Checking process. True to our name at Up2datez we strive to keep ourselves ahead of time by constantly upgrading ourselves with the tricks of the trade. We, as a passionate team relentlessly endeavour to exceed the clients' demands and maintain transparency in our approach with the customers. Our highly professional staff offer custom made solutions as per the customers' requirements and provide around the clock support. We proudly claim that the steady growth of our clientele base is the direct outcome of our work ethics - timely deliverance, confidentiality and our simple yet creative approach," Praveen Elamaran.

Involved pragmatically in innovations and researches, although UP-2DATEZ BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is operating in the B2B domain it is planning to go into the B2C level in the annotation domain. "We have survived the COVID pandemic by shifting to a digital font and successfully delivered our projects despite the lockdown by ensuring all our workforce to function safely from home. We are planning to ascend to greater heights as our ultimate motto is not to gain profit but to create our unique identity in the market. Therefore, rather than concentrating on revenues we are focused on acquiring more clients through impeccable annotation services", concludes Praveen Elamaran.