Uniworld Studios: Showcasing Products, Services and In-House Facility in Simple Yet Effective Manner

Saransh Gupta,DirectorDigital technology is leveling the playing field in business today. It is cost-effective and readily accessible. The business owner or corporate executive who has a message to deliver and knows the audience will be able to capture more market share by being a little savvier than his or her competitors. Today’s consumer audience is no longer comprised of auditory learners. However, while they are primarily visual learners, no two individuals process information in an identical manner. With the rise of Digital Technology, has emerged the growth of various video production services like animation videos, music videos, short films, infographics, and corporate videos. Companies have taken their brand to a higher level with the help of corporate video production services keeping in mind the interests of their targeted audience. Uniworld Studios, a Corporate Video Production Service provider was established to provide expertise in the corporation film media division.

Uniworld Studios is largely a Film Production company registered under The Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014; dedicated to producing talent-driven, studio-quality films, which have worldwide commercial appeal. Uniworld provides various services such as Film production services, Media production services, Marketing solutions services, Web design services, and graphic design services. “The diverse suite of services offered by Uniworld Studios can be tailored to any video production and marketing goals that a company may have. We deal with each project for a specific audience, a specific platform, and a specific outcome. Being clear on what we provide, we cater to brand videos that focus on building trust and goodwill
towards an organization, promotional videos that create brand awareness, Explainer videos that have the simplifications and beauty to educate its customers. Product demo videos that humanize the brand and bring it live. We also specialize in testimonial videos, Television Commercials, Infomercials, and Multimedia Productions along with other marketing solutions,” says Saransh Gupta, Director, Uniworld Studios.

Uniworld Studios is a fully-fledged ultra-modern media production house with in-house experts and the entire crew to execute all creative requirements from start to finish

The firm being a house fully fledged video production company has served various clients over the years such as ASUS, Pizza Corner, Hyatt, The Raymond Shop, Helthkart, Club Mahendra, Delon, Detel, HPL is to name a few. “Uniworld Studios is a fully fledged ultra-modern media production house with inhouse experts and the entire crew to execute all creative requirements from start to finish. We provide a coherent experience to our clients that start much before the pre-production and lead much after the post-production. Right from the moment of conceptualization to any technical support after the film finishes, we make sure that our presence and attention is fully dedicated to the needs of the clients. The organization has multiple teams that are committed to recce, scrutinize and follow SOPs in order to ensure smooth production. For a great visual experience of the clients and their audience Uniworld take in support of the best equipment’s from the industry including Arri Alexa, RED Cameras, Sony FS7, Sony A7, Black Magic, Canon 5D etc. that have the abilities to cater to a wide spectrum of our requirements,” added Saransh.

With National & International Team Members in-studio Core Team, media capital, and technology assets, Uniworld Studios responds to the new Filmmaking paradigm requiring transformative efficiencies, creative control, and original content. “Producing quality videos is a great team sport so we pull together an incredible group of writers, directors, cinematographers, motion graphics artists and editors to deliver best results. Through partnerships with writers, artists, photographers, and filmmakers, we provide a platform for exposure and collaboration. Our team IS experienced in projects of nearly every scale and genre, from single-camera shoots to multi-camera, multi-crew commercial shoots at both on sets and sites,” pinpoints Sanjay Raj, COO, Uniworld Studios.

Uniworld Studios started off as a film production company and gradually expanded its expertise to corporate video productions and eventually came into marketing and branding services. The Future roadmap of the company is to provide a fully integrated and customized media and marketing solutions with a single point of connecting.