Unbox: Rendering Radical & Reliable Educative Recreation

Established in 2011 under a different brand name, the Bangalore based boutique creative consulting firm rebranded itself as Unbox in 2016. Unbox is the brainchild of distinguished & diverse design thinking specialist, business storyteller and award-winning speaker, Saveen Hegde, who is among the top 10 public speakers in the world, as recognized by Toastmasters International, 2017. It is his new-age research & learning on design thinking & innovation from Harvard University and study of Neuoscience at Sloan School of Management, MIT, that has enabled Unbox to deliver 10,000 hours of creative learning solutions in over 35 cities across eight countries for 75+ global organizations, gamifying over 20,000 participants through more than 300 gamified programs. Apart from his excellence in the field of creative learning, Saveen is also an Improv theatre artist with the Indian Improv Tribe. He learnt the art of Improv in an intensive program at the renowned UCB Theatre, New York and has performed over 300 live shows in four countries.

Leveraging the skills & experience of its founder together with futuristic Design Thinking process, Unbox helps build stronger teams, increase employee engagement and improve organizational performance through its programs. Following the CDIS (Creating, Debriefing, Internalizing, Sharing) methodology in proffering its programs, this enlightened enterprise creates an experience that engages learners, reviews outcomes from all perspectives, internalizes results, and helps trainees implement these learnings in real-world situations. Its flagship program - ‘Exhilarate’ is an all-inclusive course capable to cater to all needs of corporates, transforming them into better leaders on returning to office.

Programs – Designed & Infused with Knowledge, Experience, Fun & Enthusiasm
These programs, designed & infused with knowledge, experience, fun and enthusiasm are developed leveraging in-house expertise on Design Thinking for – requirement understanding, crafting an ever-lasting learning event and executing it to perfection. Ethnographic Conversations facilitate in understanding and mapping of the end user’s
need to ensure tailored experiences, while new-age storytelling tools blend the theme of learning with highly engaging hands-on involvement to craft immersive learning experience.

Saveen Hegde,Founder

Unbox renders three types of tested & proven learning programs to uniquely create the right learning experience for employees and their firm. Its Gamified Value Based Learning utilizes ethnographic researches on clients’ learners & leaders to interlink its values with high energy games to empower learners to understand and demonstrate these merits at the workplace. The Gamified Synergy Based Learning implements tailored & fun-filled synergy building games to bridge communication gaps between diverse and distant teams, thus creating long lasting candid bonds and a sense of oneness at work. On the other hand, the Gamified Action Based Learning employs action based experiential solutions with high intensity adventures to infuse the sense of cohesion into the trainees; ergo ensuring that they bond under pressure & stay together through tough times. The stupendous results that these marvelous programs produce are the reason why behemoth firms like VMware, KIA Motors, SAP, Gulf Oil, Robert Bosch and others frequently use it.

Unbox helps build stronger teams, increase employee engagement and improve organizational performance through its programs

Constantly innovating and upgrading its services with technological changes, the company has begun its foray into integrating an AI-based simulation game to create an augmented reality experience for its learners. Apart from gamified learning experiences, the company is a pioneering service provider in the fields akin to seminars, intensive classroom trainings, and hands-on workshops. Growing rapidly, the company looks forward to cater to even more people through its case based learning, video modules, and thought provoking journey-based learning experiences.