Ultraviolet Films: Giving Life to Corporate Film Making through Creative Stories

Joe Francis,  Founder

Joe Francis


Whether making an explainer video to delineate a fine business concept, a big screen testimonial of an enterprise’s key clients describing their experience, or a dramatic-cinematic corporate video to promote brand values of an enterprise; an excellent video production team of highly skilled scriptwriters, animators, cinematographers, and other skilled personnel is a prerequisite. When it comes to the business-to-business (B2B) space, the demand for a world class production house with international experience is burgeoning in social media era. This is where Ultraviolet Films, a Bangalore-based corporate film-making company is performing extraordinarily under the leadership of its founder, Joe Francis.

Joe’s Expedition into Film Making
Born and brought up in the UK to Indian parents, Joe Francis completed his MBA from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, before venturing out in the Indian corporate film production market. Unusually for this sector, Joe has 20 years B2B sales and marketing experience with companies like BT (a British multinational telecommunications company) and Wipro, managing their marquee clients like Apple, BP (a British multinational oil and gas company), Texas Instruments and Symantec. While working there, Joe realized that the emerging field of digital video could add significant value to many areas of a B2B business and that there are very few corporate film producers in India that could produce corporate films of international standards. Realizing this, out of absolute passion, Joe transferred his skills and experience from B2B sales/marketing to the B2B corporate film production sector and founded Ultraviolet films in September 2013. Since then, under his natural leadership instincts, the company has been providing reliable professional production services
from the perspective of business practitioners with a unique international quality.

“Every company has a story to tell and it’s our pleasure to bring these to screen in the most visually compelling and impactful ways possible. We at Ultraviolet Films have deep industry experience to allow a genuine understanding of how video can impact businesses positively since we were on the other side of the lens for many years. Our lead creative holds a distinction in her MA in design from the prestigious Central St Martin’s College of Art & Design, London with alumni such as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and John Galliano,” says, Joe, Founder, Ultraviolet Films.

Ultraviolet Films has deep industry experience to allow a genuine understanding of how video can impact businesses positively since we were on the other side of the lens for many years

Committed Film Producer
In the last 6 years, Ultraviolet Films have produced hundreds of films across an extraordinary range of styles such as corporate/branding showcases, recruitment videos, factory walkthroughs, CEO/Founder testimonials, expert interviews, mobile and computer application tutorials and even for motivational speakers and sports coaches. They have produced films to endorse diversity and inclusion, culture, recruitment, corporate-social responsibility, new products, and social initiatives.

“Producing corporate film is a collaborative commitment between us and the clients. They know their business better than anyone else and we know how to make their businesses reach out to more people through storytelling. Till date, we have worked with international clients from New York and Japan to our very own national clients from Varanasi and Noida. In the past few years, with the increase in the use of digital platforms for video distribution, our clients have exploited a variety of social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Instagram with our array of services and achieved success in them,” says Joe.

Ultraviolet Films’ team says that they stay motivated due to the unique requirements and objectives required of every project. Not staying satisfied with their blue chip client portfolio, the team thrives for more opportunities to reach the pinnacle of success. “More than technical issues like color grading or camera resolution, I believe that the actual story is the fundamental ingredient of a film. Among other innovations we want to introduce a cost-effective selffilm package where you could do the actual filming and we do the edit and help you out on developing the creative concept, says Joe. He adds, “We are looking to extend our sphere of influence as our portfolio and revenues have grown enormously from the day we started our journey. As part of our continuous improvement process we want to expand our network of talented creatives both in India and abroad to help serve our customers with the best quality films at the most optimal price points.”