Separator Automating the Tyre Ecosystem for Sellers, Manufacturers & Customers

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Sanjeev Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO of is one of those who swam across the tide to convert his dream into reality. Born and brought up in a family involved in the tyre business, Sanjeev says, “My earliest memory of the tyre business goes back when I was seven years old, enjoying jumping into stacks of tyres along with my brothers trying to find that one tyre, the customer was looking for”. After gaining vast experience in the IT industry specifically ecommerce and inventory management applications in the U.S for more than two decades, he returned to India to fulfil his dream of automating the Tyre ecosystem.

Sanjeev knew that the Indian tyre industry is unorganised, lacks automation and needs a sea change to reach global standards. He was sure, if convenience is offered in the right shape, it would be a welcome change by manufacturers, sellers and customers who are the key stakeholders of the tyre industry. This led to the conception of, a platform that provides convenience by helping customers choose the right tyres at the right price. was launched in 2016. In a short time span, the portal has received over 500,000 visitors, more than a million page views, and 10,000+ tyre inquiries and sold over 5000 tyres.

Assisting Customers Choose the Right Tyres at the Right Price

“A typical customer does not like to think about buying tyres. He thinks
Sanjeev Agrawal,CEO’s information portal ‘Tyre Mantra’ provides convenience by helping customers choose the right tyres at the right price

it is confusing, takes too much time and at the end of the day he is not sure if he is making the right decision,” says Sanjeev. The simple 3-step process of Search, Select and Install at, provides a hassle-free shopping experience. Through its verified on-boarded sellers, the online platform is able to provide a wide range of brands and attractive deals to its customers. The large network of fitting locations ensures that there is a fitment centre nearby every customer. is also trying to work closely with tyre manufacturer to provide a platform to build brand preference and accelerate
their sales. Manufacturers can do targeted advertising, exclusive product launches, offer Special deals & discounts to maximize sales and get direct feedback from customers through ratings and reviews. They can differentiate themselves at the place where the final buying decision is being made.

Tyres & Beyond’s information portal ‘Tyre Mantra’ provides its readers with the latest news and happenings in the tyre and automobile industry. Through its advisory articles & videos, it enables customers to understand tyres better on the basis of vehicle compatibility, their performance, sizing, durability, and other aspects. The objective of Tyre Mantra is to educate the tyre buyer and allow him to make a buying decision on the basis of his own research.

The Road Ahead is successfully making its mark in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai & Goa, and anticipates selling about 200,000 tyres on a monthly basis in the next five years. The company is in talks with various global online tyre companies for a successful partnership to ensure that the online tyre buying experience in India matches global standards. With its increasing footprint across the country, it is fast moving towards its goal of automating the tyre ecosystem putting it at par with global markets.