TSi Power: Corrects Power Quality Real-Time via Unique IGBT PWM Voltage Regulation Technology

Rajesh N Pande,Managing Director

Rajesh N Pande

Managing Director

Back in 2011, despite the availability (due to rapid globalization) of the most high-end electronic machines for various applications in the Asian & African markets, customers faced inconsistent performance of these machines because of obsolete power conditioning technologies. For instance, the servo stabilizers, switching stabilizers, on-load tap changers and similar devices were not good enough to provide quality power, which clearly led to huge all-round loss of industrial productivity. That was when TSi Power(P) came into existence as an Indo-American JV into the market with a vision to bridge this technology gap by employing 'VRp', a revolutionary technology that provides real-time power quality correction. Enabling modern computerized electronic machines to achieve uninterrupted performance, this IGBT PWM Voltage Regulation technology is capable of instantaneously
compensating any voltage fluctuation, sag, spike, swell or noise, within a single waveform of 20 milliseconds.

" Built for all electronic applications up to 250 kVA, TSi Power’s VRp is embedded with a static engine based on a unique PWM voltage compensation"

Real-Time Power Quality Correction
Built for all electronic applications up to 250 kVA, TSi Power’s VRp is embedded with a static engine based on a unique PWM voltage compensation and sag correction technology. In contrast to conventional electro-mechanical technologies of voltage regulation, all solid-state VRp generate pure voltage on real-time basis, stay rugged, reliable, and hence stand as the first preference for customers in India. It boasts of over 1000 repetitive customers, including major automotive, CNC, robotics, textile, oil & gas companies. Customers vouch for its benefits. To illustrate, Hwashin Automotive, major ancillary of Hyundai Cars, today powers over 400 robotic welding machines with TSi-VRp static voltage regulators. Giving-up on conventional servo voltage stabilizers and employing VRp technology has in fact enhanced their productivity by five percent and decreased annual maintenance budget by Rs. 3.5 crores. Conforming to low voltage safety and EMC regulations, all
TSi Power’s products need minimal maintenance if handled well and come with a standard 2.5 years warranty with the option of AMC there after.

Two Firms with a Common Dream
ISO 9001-2015 certified TSi Power(D-U-N-S Number 65-071-0069, D&B rating 2A2) is the brainchild of its promoters Rajesh N Pande (an IITK alumnus) and Peter Nystrom (a U.S.-based entrepreneur in the power quality industry). Equipped with comprehensive credentials and experiences, this duo shaped their common dream of introducing a unique power conditioning technology into reality and are now uplifting their venture to the next level through an integrated R&D programme for enhancement to 2000 KVA range. Both have reorganized themselves under the same brand name 'TSi Power' and breathe the objective to become the best global brand in power conditioning.

TSi Power in India witnessed a CAGR of 30 percent over last five years and expects to cross Rs.250 million in current year, further attaining an exponential growth by the end of 2019 after executing its on-going R&D project. Also, the firm has incorporated ERP into its operations to savour uninterrupted growth and invested in additional lands to build new manufacturing facilities by next year.