Tropicool: Endowing Consumers with Innovative Smart Vehicle Accessories, Targeting Their Needs & Demands

Khushboo Shinagare, GM - Sales & Marketing,Kumar Shinagare, Managing Director

Khushboo Shinagare, GM - Sales & Marketing

Kumar Shinagare, Managing Director

The know-how of when & what consumers expect drives innovation. Especially in today’s car accessories market, sellers need to understand the value of innovation, as winning and maintaining customers’ loyalty majorly depend on understanding dynamic market conditions, listening to customer intent, and answering quickly & relevantly.

Putting customers in the driver’s seat, Tropicool conducts an intricate market research prior to launching any accessory, not only for passenger cars but also for commercial vehicles, intercity buses, defence vehicles, caravans, ambulances, blood vans, ships/boats, railways, and more. Thus this innovative, high-tech & smart accessories provider meets the ever -changing needs & demands of customers, and creates a seamless alignment between personalization & customer experience using high-end technology as a medium.

For instance, when the concept of ‘CCTV-in vehicle’ remained too hot accounting to complex wiring, poor video recording & need for intact power inputs, Tropicool introduced an innovative vehicle surveillance & security system. Designed with 12/24V power input & point-to-point cabling with four pin aviation connectors & vibration
proof cameras offering high-quality
HD video recording, the system overcomes all the drawbacks of traditional CCTV systems. Certified by ARAI, this solution is deployed in over 500 MSRTC buses.

"Our endeavour is to bring ahead-of-time products with features designed for automotive use and quality to endure the rough on road conditions "

Following the same market-strategy, Tropicool introduced many innovative car accessories for the first time in India that include Car Refrigerators (its flagship product which is a blessing for diabetics patients to store insulin, apart from the luxury perspective) in 2000, reverse camera for Tata Safari in 1998, live streaming and USB charging ports for commercial vehicles. Well, technology plays a pivotal role in all its endeavours. Besides using latest chipsets in cameras & LED panels of leading brands like LG & Innolux in their entertainment screens, Tropicool’s refrigerators are based on NASA-Patented technology using thermo-electric cooling.

Futuristic Accessories with Intact Quality
“Our endeavour is to bring ahead-of-time products with features designed for automotive use and quality to endure the rough on road conditions,” says Kumar Shinagare, MD, Tropicool, who is an IITian with deep-rooted experience in the industry. Designed in-house using the latest CAD/CAM 2D/3D modelling facilities, Tropicool’s products adhere to all international & domestic standards, including ARAI, BIS,&ISO-9001.

The products are manufactured in state-of-the-art overseas facilities (equipped with cutting-edge tools & TS-16949 automotive quality

system), and are rigorously tested against the Indian infrastructure and conditions. For instance, OEM products undergo 40-50 Design Verification Process (DVP) tests covering Mechanical, Electrical /Electronic, and Environmental parameters. Only post satisfied outcomes and 100 percent predelivery inspection, the products are dispatched. Any failure is immediately followed by 8-D analysis for root cause of failures and prompt corrections are made.

Backboned by matchless quality, this award winning company majorly (about 60 percent) caters to the A class market with world-class OEM products, alongside aftermarket branded accessories (Thermo-Electric Coolers & Warmers & Mobile Fridge-Freezers, Tyre Inflator, 4-in-1 Rescue Hammer, Bullet-proof Cameras for the defence industry & Charging Gadgets). These products come with a warranty of up to five years and are offered through its retail distribution network spread across 15 cities (aiming to double by year end) across India and via e-Commerce marketplaces such as Amazon & Flipkart.

Abreast with Dynamic Market Trends
Anticipating growth in Automobile Industry in India, Kumar diversified into Smart Car Gadgets business under Tropicool in 2002 from Kumar Enterprises Company (est. 1994). Ever since Khushboo Shinagare a second generation entrepreneur joined the business, Tropicool sky-rocketed its revenue and production against the market dynamics. Today, having started developing products for electric vehicles and soon to launch its own webstore for retail customers, Tropicool is ready for its next growth curve.