Trikon Telesoft Solutions: One-Stop-Shop for Telecommunication & IT Enabled Services

Hiral Shah & Jigar Shah,FoundersOutsourcing is a complex and dynamic process; new systems and software's are evolving perpetually, which are Smart, efficient and easy to operate which in turn facilitates better employee & customer experience.

Trikon Telesoft Solutions is one such outsourcing company that exclusively conceptualize, innovate and generate customized software's while dishing out a plethora of services in the Telecommunication and Information Technology domain.

Trikon Telesoft is an Indian outsourcing firm based out of Chennai, with a supplementary branch in Ahmedabad that exclusively caters to three Australian companies - Real Telecom, Anaxus, and Trikon Pty Ltd.

The company delivers a wide array of services to its parent companies, including telemarketing, customer services, web development backing for software development, content development, and graphic designing services.

"The variety of work that we are undertaking, fundamentally compiles into one bracket, and that's not something many companies would be offering," states Hiral Shah, Founder, Trikon Telesoft Solutions.
With its in-house tailor-made software's and ticketing systems coupled with a diverse resource gene pool of subject matter experts, Trikon Telesoft guarantees innovative solutions that enables the business to attain and sustain revenue growth through operational cost arbitrage.

Taming the pandemic crisis
During the Covid-19 outbreak in India, Trikon Telesoft proactively transitioned and safely adopted work-from-home for all employees foreseeing the national lock-downs and travel restrictions.

To curtail isolation and anxiety instigated by the pandemic, all employees working from home were trained on `Mindfulness' and `Emotional intelligence' combined with frequent employee engagement activities to raise their spirits.

Contrary to our competitors in India, who vehemently resorted to unscrupulous layoff's and salary deprivation using pandemic as an excuse, Trikon Telesoft, on the other hand, stepped up its hiring rate by 50 percent and ensured salary constancy for all employees.

The company takes pride in its Lean and Six Sigma expertise which they have inculcated in all business verticals

Meticulous & Systematized Ethos
Since its inception in April 2019, Trikon Telesoft has garnered and retained a phenomenal revenue growth rate of 60 percent.

"We have an eye for excellence and we stand resolute to uphold our core values like equality, women empowerment and integrity. We have great teams and resourceful managers who are articulate and open to feedback,” states Jigar Shah, Founder, Trikon Telesoft Solutions.

The company takes pride in its Lean and Six Sigma expertise which they have inculcated in all business verticals. The processes are streamlined and systematic to ensure superior employee productivity.

Standing tall on these principles, Trikon Telesoft has enjoyed robust growth rate in a short time span since initiation.