Triface International: Bespoke Animation that Efficiently Represent Brands

Chittranjan Dunakhe,Founder & Creative Director

Chittranjan Dunakhe

Founder & Creative Director

If recent researches are to be believed, 85 percent people are visual learners, and over 89 percent of the information transmitted by the brain is visual. Intrinsically, visual content has established itself as the most powerful tool to reach, engage and drive sales. Animated videos are not only engaging, but also aid enterprises in telling their brand story in a more appealing way. Brimming with innovative ideas, Triface International is amongst the topmost 3D animation firms in the world.

An ideal partner for forward looking businesses, it is the provider of most sought-after animation services across a plethora of fields such as technical, mechanical, medical, training, safety, 3D walk through, and explainer. A solution to companies’ visualization problems, it creates animations that bring idea to canvas.

Additionally, the firm is into 3D renders as static images as well. Passionate about animation, especially in the B2B segment, Triface has been efficiently handling complicated tasks like creating super realistic explanatory animations for various machineries in engineering firms, and medical animations related to dissection & surgery. Its noteworthy projects include a five-minute long 3D walkthrough animation for a London based company.
In fact, given the architect plans & insight into design aesthetics, it is able to build and deliver the entire 3D walkthrough animations within three weeks!

Technical Capability & Streamlined Processes
Bringing into play the best talents, competitive pricing models, efficient communication, latest technologies, and a ‘hybrid’ team consisting of both national & international professionals, Triface renders bespoke, client-centric, and high quality solutions to its clients. From storyboard to final animation, its technical capability and streamlined processes ensure peak quality while creating engaging & attractive animations that represent brands in the best possible way.

Interestingly, it provides literally unlimited revisions to clients as far as they are logical and within scope of the project. This is what makes it the preferred choice amongst a plethora of other animation service providers.

From storyboard to final animation, Triface’s technical capability and streamlined processes ensure peak quality while creating engaging & attractive animations that represent brands in the best possible way

Speaking of the brain behind the firm, Chittranjan Dunakhe (Founder & Creative Director, Triface International) holds over 20 years of experience in the domain. A science graduate along with diploma and degree in computer technologies and equipped with passion in drawing and painting, he established his first animation & designing company at the age of 26, and since then, has served national & international companies across verticals like designing, animation, websites, and paintings; in other words, anything related to art.

Winner of the ‘Best Service Provider Company’ award for its seven years of outstanding service to an American client, Triface has several nominations under its belt. Reputed establishments such as siliconindia, MSME 500 and a UK based publication named CV Magazine have recognized it as one of the best innovators of 2020. Growing by threefold year-on-year, the firm looks forward to secure a fivefold growth in fiscal year 2020-2021. Constantly refining its services, Triface is ambitious towards incorporating futuristic technologies like AR, VR and its own IP in the near future.