Tridib Bhattacharjee: Empowering Organizations for Leadership and Success

Tridib Bhattacharjee,FounderOrganizational success in 2020 will hinge upon leadership agility, which will manifest across multiple aspects. Coaching clients are becoming sophisticated, and they are willing to pay for coaches with excellent coaching skills and profound results. With unique set of corporate and coaching experience in multiple domains, business functions and industries, Tridib Bhattacharjee started his entrepreneurial venture Astra-mind Consulting. The company was founded three years back with an aim to enable enterprises and their leaders to achieve greatness in their chosen fields. The firm supports businesses and leaders by connecting them to their core strengths, developing digital fluency, implementing effective strategies and enhancing their organizational, leadership, and business capabilities, which are critical for success in this evolving digital era.

Tridib Bhattacharjee is an ICF certified Digital Business Coach & Executive Coach, a highly accomplished technology services leader, and a management consultant with over 27 years of global experience in the US, Asia-Pacific & Europe. Tridib is a successful Silicon Valley professional and understands at a deeper level, what it takes to become a best-in-class global professional or an enterprise. “As a business coach, I am extremely passionate about helping enterprises and leaders make serious gains in performance and achieve their most inspiring aspirations. I am motivated by my belief that every individual is born with unique capabilities and strengths, which if harnessed will enable a person to create magical success stories”, said Tridib Bhattacharjee, Founder, Astramind Consulting.
Various Consulting and Coaching Techniques
“During my coaching conversations, I try to understand at a deeper level the current situation of the client, the symptoms, the underlying reasons and the journey of the client. We then discuss the client's aspirations, success criteria, end objectives and then create a structured roadmap and execution plans after properly defining strategic priorities, milestones, timelines and review mechanisms”, added Tridib.

Through the experiential understanding of how Digital Technologies are transforming organizations globally, Tridib has created several scientific frameworks such as strategic planning, data-driven tactical planning, delivering service excellence, leading a digital enterprise, enhancing leadership leverage, building high-performing organizations, and enhancing employee performance. These frameworks help organizations co-create capability development plans, transformative business solutions and strategies, required to achieve growth and business success in this evolving digital era. Tridib has also been recognized as a leading career success coach and he has helped CXOs, senior leaders and professionals from different parts of the globe connect to their next level of growth and success and achieve their most cherished aspirations.

As a business coach, I am extremely passionate about helping enterprises and leaders make serious gains in performance and achieve their most inspiring aspirations

With the help of such unique coaching techniques, Tridib has successfully coached and mentored over 900 global leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and students from different industries, business functions, and globally best management institutes such as IIM Ahmedabad. Not only this, since the last five months, Tridib has been reaching out to thousands of SME business owners and enterprise leaders from across the country through webinars, VCs, and Facebook Live sessions. He has also mentored many entrepreneurs and leaders whose businesses have been significantly impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic.

There he discussed the possible business and digital enablement strategies, which they can deploy to get their businesses back on track, develop new sets of capabilities, and restructure their operating framework. I have restructured Astramind's services for the post-COVID digital era and Astramind's success at this point depends a lot on the success that I achieve as a business and leadership coach. In the next two years, I would like to help at least 100 organizations (large, medium, and small) and 1500 leaders/professionals get back on their feet and embark on the growth journey. The company would also focus on achieving a 3x growth in revenue and establish a global footprint”, concluded Tridib.