Trend Vision: Offering High-End IT Assets along with Uncompromised Services

Shrenik B Jain & Amit Jain,Co-Founders

Shrenik B Jain, Co-Founder

From big corporates and individual owners to freelancers, the need to save every penny to invest back into the business is of utmost priority. Hence, the trend of renting IT infrastructure instead of owing it is on rise, which helps them cut the CAPEX to the maximum. However, the challenge always lies in getting bug-free equipment that is configured as per one’s requirement. Helping such companies cut their CAPEX to as low as one-twentieth by offering highly customized and high-end IT infrastructure is Trend Vision LLP (TVLLP). Touted as one of the oldest IT rental service providers in India, the company is a specialist in laptops and workstations, and owns a wide range of high configuration Workstations and Laptops that it offers on flexible rental plan to suit every budget (costs as low as Rs.1250 per month).

The company offers a full line of top brand Laptops, Servers, and Computer peripherals, wired & wireless networking equipment, and other equipment on rent. TVLLP’s vast range of available inventory (executive series, graphic series, Beast Series, MacBook Air, Macbook Pro, to Performance desktops, and more) are tested and
proven for work under any circumstance and not fall flat when heated. Hence, the company dispatches assets only after continuous Burning testing for 24-48 hours. It further has simplified dispute redressal methods, routine maintenance, and customized customer support. “TVLLP ensures zero breakdowns, and this feat is achieved by a highly qualified and equipped team of engineers who tirelessly work on the maintenance of the assets,” states Shrenik B. Jain, Founder, Trend Group.

"TVLLP ensures zero breakdowns and this feat is achieved by a highly qualified and equipped team of engineers who tirelessly work on the maintenance of the assets"

Customized Rental Services
The IT rental companies mostly run on wheels as the demand of the customers are usually sudden and at critical juncture like limited time frame or an urgent project need. Filling such sudden needs is no moonwalk, as the renting companies need to have a huge stock of modern, updated equipment that either fit the bill or can be configured to suit their need. TVLLP not just masters these aspects, but also configures required applications and test runs them for performance measurement and guaranteed output before dispatching. Any downtime is addressed quickly and if the service takes time, it replaces the assets at the earliest. “We buy from open market of reputed brands and have tie-ups with principal suppliers for odd products, ” asserts Amit Jain, Co-Founder, Trend Group.

As Trend Group along with its associate’s acts as a single stop from renting to maintenance and
repair of assets, including trouble shooting, the clients save huge on their cost while availing services from the experienced Trend technicians. Despite the fact that quick changing technology makes the IT assets redundant very quickly, Trend facilitates frequent replacement to updated configuration based on clients’s requirements, thus protecting them from technological obsolesce.

Amit Jain, Co-Founder

The Way Ahead
Established in 2005, Trend Group as an IT equipment rental company has forged its place in this market with its unfaltering quality of services to its customers. It has served across industries such as IT Consultancy & Software Development (Accenture, Samsung India, Atos Origin and others), Events & Promotions (Shobiz Events, AV Connections and more), and Capital & Finance (LB Technologies, PI Services, and others). This has given much fuel to the company, as it plans expanding to five more branches by 2020, while registering a significant growth rate of 150 percent in its turnover of the past three years.