Trend Vision: Delivering a Comprehensive Set of Highly Flexible IT Rental Solutions

Shripal Jain, Founder

Shripal Jain


The idea of renting IT products is a relatively new trend. This has been sparked by today's fast-evolving digital landscape; applications are constantly upgrading, and they demand the latest hardware configurations. Additionally, most IT products are value depreciative in nature, thereby causing hesitation to invest. The pandemic furthered IT investment concerns as a projects' tenure is more uncertain. This is where Trend Vision comes to the rescue with a wide ranging fleet of products in the IT rental space which includes servers, mobile computing products, high-end graphic designing laptops, CAD-CAM laptops & Desktops. Trend Vision offers a plethora of business class & commercial series laptops known for superior performance and rugged build quality.

"Having up-to-date hardware configurations, minimizing CAPEX and diversi fying our client's risk is our duty." Shripal Jain, Founder.

An extended arm of the broader Trend Group, Trend Vision has a team of accredited, skilled engineers who offer prompt and seamless services. The team at Trend handholds its corporate clients to choose the right product. In addition, various value added services are provided at Trend, including On site support
data recovery & backup services and Bench repair service, amongst many others. Besides serving corporate clients, Trend offers flexible rental plans to individuals, standalone businesses, students, and freelancers.

With their up to date hardware confi gurations, Trend Vision has helped corporations save millions through their seamless services

Flexible rental plans that help clients maximize cashflow
Trend Vision specializes in procuring high end Laptops meant for applications such as designing, rendering, production, and CAD/CAM from market leading companies and OEMs. Trend Vision has helped corporations save millions through its highly affordable rental solutions. The company has served across a horizon of industries. Within the IT Consultancy & Software Development industry, Trend has catered to the likes of Accenture, Samsung India, and Atos Origin.Under, Logistics we served prominent players such as BlueDart and DHL. Similarly, Trend has served various other companies from Events & Promotions, Capital & Finance, Media & Marketing, and Payment Gateway.

Amit Jain, Director
Trend Vision has a highly efficient real time inventory management application to keep abreast with the IT stocks for seamless operations. Additionally, various hardware is put through stress and burn tests to ensure the client will not face issues due to any hardware failure. Backed by a highly experienced team of engineers, solid partnerships with premium IT companies, flexible and affordable rental plans for large corporate and individual business owners alike, Trend Vision is the ideal rental partner for all complex IT rental needs.