TravelEscape: A Travel platform Based on Community & Experience

Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures of life. It is undoubtedly a way in which people unwind, relax and recharge their batteries. However, it is also a requirement that we know how to travel, to maximize the experience. While there are many travel websites with guidelines and todos, TravelEscape is a travel blogging site that is a cut from the rest. Built as a community around the joy of traveling and the experience of travelling, TravelEscape has genuine reviews, information and guidelines that ensure that you get the best travel outcome possible.

The Amazing Journey of TravelEscape
Right now the internet is up to the brim with an overabundance of information on traveling and that can get confusing. TravelEscape is not the typical blogging site which documents an individual traveller's journey but it is more of a thriving platform and community that acts as a close knit group which has holistic information including tips and experiences. It has gone beyond and also has Facebook and WhatsApp groups. The posted articles are a hit among readers and have garnered a 4.51 rating with close to 900 genuine votes.
Nilabh Ranjan,Founder

The mantra of TravelEscape is to help unearth the most incredible experiences and it offers a few paid services for travellers who want to go the extra mile. The able community that TravelEscape has built has a network of the direct local partners for the most authentic tips on where to go, what to eat, where to stay be it resorts or home stays, what to miss and what not to miss. Travellers can stay in touch through the Facebook and WhatsApp groups for any emergency or needs that may arise.

"TravelEscape has partners and not clients (as they would like to call them) and to
keep their partner's objectives as a focus, it believes in having fresh and original content which also helps the community with its insight and genuine depth. Often a selected partner offers special discounts for the members which they can redeem creating a win win situation for everyone” says Nilabh Ranjan, Travel Escape.

Offering Top notch Services
Inbound content marketing is the way forward for this company. It believes in crisp, helpful and unique content that showcases services and products of its many partners. The articles rank well through the generation of constant inbound traffic and conversion source for both the partners and TravelEscape. However, SEO is a constantly changing land scape which may some times not generate desired results.

Recently, TravelEscape worked with a Mumbai based partner that has four to five luxury resorts in Mumbai and Pune and they wanted to increase their brand awareness and conversion through content and social media. The brand specific content that TravelEscape came up with saw a 20% increase in the resort's stay inquiry.

The mantra of TravelEscape is to help unearth the most incredible experiences and it offers a few paid services for travellers who want to go the extra mile

Road Ahead
The company envisions to maintain TravelEscape a true community based portal where people make genuine connections through sharing their experiences and where they also get a steady stream of unique content for places to visit and activities to explore.

Revamping the site is also on the cards for TravelEscape where the site is made more user friendly with new features in a reader's dashboard. It also wishes to have more freelance writers and storytellers on board who understand the company's vision and work collectively on the platform. Thus, any story teller who want to leverage an unmatched platform like TravelEscape ca get in touch with the team.