Totals Solution: Pioneering Seamless Logistics Excellence in Warehousing Operations

Rajesh Alwale & Rajesh Chiplunkar,   DirectorsIn the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, the demand for efficient fulfillment services has reached unprecedented levels. As online retail continues to soar, businesses face the challenge of meeting customer expectations for swift and accurate order fulfillment. The complexity intensifies with diverse product offerings, fluctuating order volumes, and the need for seamless integration across multiple platforms. To navigate these challenges effectively, there arises a crucial need for a competent fulfillment firm. Such a partner brings expertise in inventory management, order processing, and timely delivery, crucial components for customer satisfaction and retention.

Totals Solution, a dedicated three PL service providers, excels in delivering comprehensive warehouse and fulfillment services. In the realm of warehousing, the firm provides seam less Solution, encompassing inventory storage and operational management. Transitioning to fulfillment services, Totals Solution specializes in catering to the dynamic needs of e-commerce entities, including manufacturers and marketplace sellers. Acting as a reliable partner, the firm adeptly handles the entire fulfillment process- from receiving and storing inventories to the precision of order fulfillment.

Boosting Satisfaction

“In our continuous pursuit of enhancing service quality, we've imple-mented a significant step in our surveys - the NDR initiative. Every morning, our dedicated team diligently downloads NDRs from all courier services we utilize. With a personal touch, we reach out to customers to address and resolve any NDR issues.By taking this hands-on approach, we not only ensure customer satisfaction but also contribute to reducing RTOS”, informs Rajesh Alwale, Director of Totals Solution.
Tech-Driven Precision

Utilizing an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS), the current operational framework at the firm seamlessly integrates courier services, marketplaces, and client websites. The WMS accommodates diverse data formats, accepting API integrations or Excel uploads for orders. With a robust barcoding system, inventory management incorporates location mapping, a crucial feature for industries like garments, where similar patterns vary in size and color. A specialized team, well-versed in garment intricacies, ensures accurate barcoding to mitigate dispatch errors. The operational work flow extends to pickups, involving a systematic approach with supervisors overseeing quality checks at multiple stages. “From initial pickup to pack aging, each step undergoes rigorous verification, minimizing the risk of errors. With a vast coverage spanning over 26,000 PIN codes across India, this integrated approach highlights our commitment to precision and quality throughout the operations”, adds Rajesh.

Rajesh Chiplunkar, Director

Crafting Tailored Excellence

Totals Solution exemplifies a client-centric ethos in the engage process. Going beyond the standard purview of warehousing and fulfillment, Totals Solution delved into a meticulous analysis of the client's manufacturing unit. Through site visits and in-depth studies, the management team identifies critical pain points, including deficiencies in raw material management and suboptimal storage practices for finished goods. Armed with a nuanced understanding, Totals Solution devises a bespoke plan, incorporating skilled staff deployment, system-based activities like barcoding, and enhanced record-keeping protocols for a tailored service package.

Resilient Re-emergence & Strategic Expansion

Looking ahead, Totals Solution unfolds its future plans with resilience and strategic expansion. The impact of COVID-19 necessitated the temporary closure of several operational locations, including Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, and Indore. Undeterred, the company is resolute in its mission to reclaim and surpass its pre COVID operational footprint. Currently, negotiations with clients are in advanced stages, particularly in Delhi and Pune, with deals on the verge of closure. Looking towards 2024, Totals Solution envisions a comprehensive resurgence, with plans to reestablish operations in multiple locations beyond Mumbai.