Total Tele Infra Solutions: A Reliable Partner Delivering & Implementing Telecom Solutions with Quality & Safety

Sandeep Joshi,Director
Sandeep Joshi, Director

In accordance with the massive expansion and upgradation of telecom infrastructure in India, the telecommunication sector is making great strides towards an interesting phase in its evolution. In fact, cellular mobile service providers have been at the root of this massive expansion by escalating the number of subscribers and their usage. Contributing the best of its innovations across the telecommunication sector since 2014, Total Tele Infra Solutions (TTIS) has etched a name for itself as a reliable partner by delivering and implementing a fleet of telecom solutions across diverse fields. Be it Radio Frequency (RF) services, end-to-end consulting, system integration or qualified & specialized manpower in the telecom realm, TTIS ascertains to never compromise on its core facets – quality and safety, and delivers services to clients in a way that will
let them feel relaxed all throughout the process. “We at TTIS are extremely elated and proud to have built the longest Microwave Link(MW)at Rajasthan in 2014 as well as the highest link at Guru Shikhar for BSNL,” professes Sandeep Joshi, Director, TTIS.

"TTIS is striving to increase its strength and technology with every passing day to outclass as one of the fastest growing companies in India"

The subsidiary of the leading industrial group – Telecom Network Solutions (TNS), TTIS was established by a group of experienced professionals with a broad range of industry experience to address the dynamic needs of the telecommunication industry during 2014. TNS offers services and supplies in the fields of project management & planning, RF & MW engineering, network optimization, network implementation, telecom training and many more. Since inception, TTIS has been gaining huge traction from its telecom infrastructure services under the reign of Sandeep who is constantly being helped and motivated by his wife Anupma, daughter Siddhi and son Arthjoshi.

Full-Fledged Services
With its expertise engraved across RF, TTIS performs right from RF
planning, RF survey, Line of Sight survey, RF optimization, and drive test till transmission planning in tune with a streamlined process. The firm is indeed well-equipped to undertake planning of RF distribution network, installation, planning & supervision, post-installation walk test and also recommendation on acquiring Business Support Systems(BSS) parameters. Under the telecom equipment installation & commissioning segment, TTIS offers a portfolio of BTS and MW installation & commissioning services on a turnkey basis for telecom networks. Its installation team in fact holds extensive experiences of handling various telecom equipment & tools which are sourced from prestigious companies like Alcatel-Lucent, IDEA and many others. Moreover, to update its systems everyday, TTIS seamlessly leverages advanced technologies and experiences procured from corporate leaders in the industry.

TTIS is striving to increase its strength and technology with every passing day to outclass as one of the fastest growing companies in India. Holding a client base that includes NEC India, HFCL, Leax India, Jio India and many more, the firm is aspiring to add many more clients and recently expanded its offices across Uttar Pradesh and Delhi too.