SMIT Digital Marketing: Tapping the Power of Digital Media by Embracing the Market Revolution

"When you're finished changing, you're finished." These words by Benjamin Franklin may not have made any sense few decades ago as people back then resisted to any sort of change. But in this new-age of digital marketing his words echo more than ever. Today, it is essential for companies to be abreast of constant changes in the digital market in order to reach out to the customers, else a risk of being obsolete is going to haunt forever. Businesses that embrace and adapt the digital market revolution have a competitive edge, as they are easily able to tap customer information available on social networks and engage with customers through a deliberate and planned approach, which would keep their fingers on the pulse of whats important to their customers. Joining the bandwagon of the trendsetters who have ambushed the digital media market by incorporating the latest trends and development is Ahmedabad based SMIT Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which offers the perfect playground to boost the productivity of their client's business.SMIT is coined from 'Sales and Marketing with Information Technology' and truly strives hard to live up to it by delivering effective business results with new media marketing. Forerunners in being one of the
emerging search engine marketing and digital internet marketing company in Ahmedabad, the company has unleashed the power of digital media to achieve business objectives of their clients. They
have enabled innovative strategies across all solutions including Brand Management, Acquisition Program, Channel Program, Retention Program, Viral Program and Event Marketing. However, SMIT's unique prowess in SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Emails/E?newsletters amongst many others is highly-appreciated by their national and international clients.

In this age of empowered customers, a deliberate and planned approach is required to fulfill their expectations, therefore SMIT emphasizes on accountability in performance with in-depth reporting and international standards services for all their clients. Amish Shah, Founder & CEO, SMIT Digital Marketing, says, "We offer plans/solutions on performance-based model in web marketing activities, where the clients are not forced to incur huge agency retainer fees, but instead are happy to have milestone-based payment system linked to end results. That's a win-win for both sides and we are glad to create exceptionally good ROI driven campaigns that positively impacts our client retention ratio too". To stay ahead in the rat race, every organization is jumping into the digital marketing bandwagon and not to be surprised, most of them willing to increase the quantity of their work easily compromising on the quality. SMIT claims to be not volume hungry and instead grow along with clients as full-core digital
Amish Shah, Founder & CEO

Amish Shah

Founder & CEO

marketing partner and online reseller, rather than just running around as an agency alone.As digital marketing demands tech-savvy individuals who can easily absorb new technology, the innovative team of 24 people works closely with their clients, wherein they are mentored more to act as client's digital marketing partners for end- to- end digital marketing services thereby helping the clients enrich their end results. Keeping pace with the technological developments, SMIT has split their business model in to four focus areas as Agency, Consultancy, Training and Reseller/Outsourcing verticals, and are catering to Pharma, IT, Lifestyle, Hotels & Tourisms, Medical Centers and Investment banking companies across India. Catering to more than 85 clients, SMIT has plans to package digital marketing services for main street businesses with their 'web showroom' concept, an idea coined by them but is loosely inspired from CRM stores of mobile companies.