TOHFL Freight: Committed to being World Class Freight Logistics Service Provider

Teja Sai Palaparthi, Founder & MD,Raju Palaparthi, Mentor, & Santosh Anabilli, Operations DirectorEstablished in 2018, Tejas Open Haul Freight Logistics Pvt Ltd (TOHFL Freight) is the perfect destination for the ones looking for Best Freights and Strategic Partnerships in Logistics or Transportation sector. Its foundation is laid by Teja Sai Palaparthi who determined to provide comprehensive transportation solutions to clients across verticals and help them reduce their transportation costs, increase efficiencies and enhance flexibility in rapidly changing market conditions.

The company's adroit services are available as Road & Rail Freight, Drayage, Transhipment, Air Cargo, Transit Insurance services and Inter-State Open Trucks Transportation. In point of fact, TOHFL Freight is the only player in the industry that puts forward such all-inclusive door-to-door transportation and logistics services.

TOHFL Freight's up and running is monitored by a team of professionals who have an extensive experience and background in transportation, logistics, and finance industry. The firm is under the guidance of leading experts Raju Palaparthi and Santosh Anabilli. The trio have availed their prowess to build up the core system of the company, organizing the activities and establishing principles to archetype the behaviour of the company's manoeuvres.
The team has very tactfully acquainted and trained the truck unions and drivers about the perishables and shelf life to ensure that the task of delivering products are done on time and safely. Even at the time of the Covid-19 lockdown, TOHFL has kept all its services functioning and is moving essential goods across the country. "Each one of us owns a robust background, our mentor Raju Palaparthi is an Industry Veteran with 30+ Years of experience and is the backbone of our company.

Santosh Anabilli who is Operations Director, holds an MBA (Finance and Marketing) post graduate and has substantial years of experience in the fields of transportation and finance and operations. And I am a BBM (International Business) graduate from MAEER'S MIT School of Management, having four years of experience in transportation & logistics industry. This cross-disciplinary knowledge has helped us to keep the firm abreast and ahead of the curve. As a transportation and logistics service providing company, it is our duty to maintain transparency, competitive pricing, on-time & safe delivery, in time delivery of perishables, competitive pricing and others such advantageous components. An effective communication is promoted between shippers, truckers and our team," he Teja Sai Palaparthi, Founder and MD.

Based in Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh, this is bootstrapped company has carved a niche for itself in the market in just a span of two and a half years. It is counted to be the best and leading provider of transportation and logistics services in India. In the early stage, the company worked with perishable goods traders only, but today it is serving clients from small trader to international companies, private companies to public companies and transport firms and companies. TOHFL Freight records a revenue growth of more than 5 crore FY 19 ­ 20. It has so far serving 100+ kilometres radius, facilitated 30 above clients and moulded an employee strength of 15 to 20 people.

Throwing light on this Teja state, "When we were at the nascent stage we had to cope up with various hindrances. Since we started working with perishable goods (Agri Commodities) traders delivering the goods on time and assuring the authenticity of the trucks were some of the main challenges we faced. However, the modern techniques such as Government's online truck verification websites helped us to verify the truck's and driver's authenticity."

TOHFL Freight has kept itself engaged in numerous market researches and studies to perceive the market calls and execute its future objective of initiating an intracity and intra state transportation and observe a PAN India expansion.