Tikku's Travelthon: Discover the World with Anuj

Gone are the days when blogging was considered a leisure activity. Today blogging has become one of the most talked about, respected, and valued professions. Blogging has become extremely important to take businesses to new heights. With the right amount of passion, creativity, and a knack for business, people can make millions from their blogs.

While we see several opportunities and platforms provided to individuals and businesses to opt for blogging as a career, the number of bloggers in India has increased. But considering the writing quality, originality of content, and how the travel bloggers captured the essence, Tikku's Travelthon stands out with some unique and consistent quality content.

Tikku's Travelthon is the place where you'll discover Anuj Tikku's travel journey in India and abroad. "A travel blog, Tikku's Travelthon was started in 2015 to document my journey around the world. Since then, I have traveled to over 41 countries and nearly all of India with my blog. The blog is predominantly a travel blog, but we also carry articles related to technology and Bollywood," says Anuj, Travel Blogger, Tikku's Travelthon.

While people find it hard to read blogs due to poor quality content, the followers of Tikku's Travelthon have been posting positive reviews about the blog. “Awesome post! Cheers for writing on this blog page. I shall message you again! I didn't know that!," quotes Mark, Tikku's Travelthon follower. Readers tend to see places through some one else. And Anuj Tikku has managed to show the world to the readers through Tikku's Travelthon. "Nice to see Varanasi through somebody else eyes," says Julia, Tikku's Travelthon follower.

Anuj has successfully progressed to turn his writings into books and has written more than 31 books that are sold on Amazon. He also published a dozen of audiobooks that are being sold on iTunes and "The idea is to make digital content through books, audio books, and travelogues. Apart from my blog, I also earn through
guest posts, affiliate posts that endorse brands," says Anuj. Anuj's other work includes working with travel sites like, hotels, and even Biriyani and Non Veg food outlets like Kake Da Dhaba, Eat on Biriyani Allahabad.

Having got some recognition and reputation through his work, Anuj is exceptionally good at promotional activities and implementing unique strategies

"Over the five years of blogging journey along with the backend team of SEO specialists, I have taken services of several book bloggers who design my book covers and review my books and vice versa. Along with selling travel content, books, and audiobooks, we also copromote brands through promotional videos, affiliate posts. I also provide back links to other blogs and websites," adds Anuj. The biggest success came when your covered Anuj Tikku's blog and travel company. The other success story is that Anuj sold the IPR of his book 'Yes Sir I killed my dad' which will soon be made into an OTT web series.
Anuj Tikku,Travel Blogger
Having got some recognition and reputation through his work, Anuj is exceptionally good at promotional activities and implementing unique strategies. Selling Erotica Books with a platter of Chicken Biriyani was one of the unique strategies utilized by Anuj. He did several promotions including ‘Ek Ka Dum' with Eat on Biriyani Allahabad and Big FM Radio to promote the Biriyani outlet. From collecting one rupee from people who took part in Kumbh Ka Mela to collaborating with to promote Tikku's Travelthon, Anuj did several promotions for food chains and promoted them in his book on travel and food called 'Food for Nomards'.

With minimum or no travel during the pandemic, Anuj has been focusing on writing books that would fit web series on OTT Platforms. Having written books like Shaming of Diya, Sunaina ki Jadooi Sandals, Kranti, Nineteen, Puttli, Assassinating Modi, the Delhi based blogger has raised revenues through selling books and audiobooks, doing events promotional posts, backlinks, events, and affiliate marketing.