Tigma Technologies: Democratizing Data via a Suite of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions

Dr. Srinivasan Vaidyanathan,   PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Srinivasan Vaidyanathan

PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Companies of every size generate enormous quantities of data from customer transactions, vendor interactions, and other activities. Effective use of this data will ensure the growth and success of the company. Tigma Technologies, a company headquartered in Texas with delivery centers in Chennai and founded in 2010, by Thiru Rengasamy is enabling companies to use and monetize data by providing wide-ranging business intelligence solutions and data warehousing technologies. The company has a team of dedicated business and IT professionals and has successfully helped its clients improve their bottom line and return on IT investments. Tigma helps its clients by unifying and transforming data from disparate sources and enabling strategic, data-based decision-making.

The name Tigma derives its inspiration from Sanskrit, meaning a ray of light. The company shines a light on its clients’ decision-making. The company believes in building long-term partnerships with its clients and provides a competitive advantage with perfectly engineered data solutions. Tigma provides services across sectors including BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance), retail, hospitality, healthcare, energy, utilities, manufacturing and logistics, and professional services. The services include data warehousing, business intelligence, ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading), and data analytics solutions. The company also provides application development and maintenance, support for web and mobile development, and cloud computing.

Client-Focused Approach to Success
Tigma differentiates itself by offering a flexible global service design to its clients. The clients can choose a combination of onshore and offshore services to meet their needs. The company believes in reinvesting in its client relationships and provides cost holidays for requirements analysis and estimation. Tigma provides its clients an opportunity to pilot the company’s services for a couple of weeks before investing in a long-term relationship. Tigma capitalizes on its breadth and depth of services and offers an integrated services approach to its clients. This provides the customer with a customized relationship structure and aids in building long-term relationships.

Tigma offers a flexible resourcing model to its clients. The clients can pick and choose between part-time, full-time, onshore, or offshore resources, resulting in worry-free, cost-effective, and guaranteed support from experts. The company has deep domain and
product expertise in each of the verticals they operate in. This helps deliver superior business and operational process enhancements to their clients. The product upgrades for the clients are easy and seamless. Tigma also provides extensive training on newer product versions in the Data Analytics and Business Intelligence space, which is a key benefit to clients. Tigma has established a center of excellence in all the service lines, staffed by senior product specialists. The specialists provide delivery oversight and ensure the quality of services delivered to the client. The clients benefit from a low-cost operating model and access to the best global talent.

Our business ethos is to nurture talents across boundaries and bridge the urban-rural gap. Our fundamental driver in negligible attrition is that the way we configured our workplace, our culture to attract, retain and grow people in the face of changing IT Services business

Clients approach Tigma with a variety of problems, all of which draw on the technical expertise of the company. An example is the healthcare client who needed an admin module developed to not only manage users but manage their role-based security. Tigma solved this problem using TIBCOs WebFOCUS, even though the problem was outside the scope of BI. The solution was seamless to the client as no new technology stack was added. For another client in the Professional Services industry, Tigma embedded a .NET application in the BI platform with a view to make them interoperable and to bring in the features provided by the .NET application in one single see-through window.

Clients also approach Tigma on their initiative to consolidate and rationalize the services of multiple vendors into a strategic few. This effort could also include the launching of new projects to niche vendors, moving work from onsite to offshore, and price negotiations. Tigma with its technical skills can help clients in making the right choices to optimize costs while driving efficiencies and effectiveness. The global delivery model perfected by Tigma also helps clients in making us the right choice.Clients also approach Tigma to takeover complex projects that are ongoing with a view to remove any roadblocks, provide technically superior solutions and implement them successfully. Tigma, having a stellar reputation for its delivery excellence, does not look at projects only with a contractual lens, but is focused on the spirit of partnership, and flexible in finding right solutions for its clients.

Tigma headquartered in Texas opened offices in Chennai 12+ years ago as an offshore center. Dr. Srinivasan Vaidyanathan, PhD, a C-Suite executive and an industry veteran, is the CEO of the company and has 28 years of experience in IT Industry. The company has expanded from DWBI to managing data in its entire lifecycle with offerings in Data Science and Data Analytics and expects revenues of 100 crores by 2025. The company has 75 employees and has seen negligible attrition in the past. While establishing Chennai as a major delivery center, Tigma is looking for ways to source employees from tier3 and tier4 cities. Tigma is looking to grow in U.S. and Europe and this will be supported by a consolidated delivery center in Chennai with 500 employees. Tigma is also on the lookout for compelling competitively priced M&As with a good strategic fit.