The Camera Man: B2B Video Production Services with Augmented Overall Experience

Anuprash Gupta, FounderWritten articles and static posts don't always make the cut to impress clients and get in business and revenue. The market is immensely competitive and grabbing eyeballs of potential leads has become more difficult than ever. In addition, there is also a huge demand of showcasing the product features and the overall experience of the same to customers in efficient and unique way to make them believe in it and the brand. Furthermore, videos are more likely to be watched by potential customers across the globe rather than a lengthy brochure to understand a brochure. This is simply because videos offer and audio visual experience and are easy to watch. Thus there is a surged need amongst businesses to create videos that help in product marketing, enhancing brand values and more. Catering to such needs, a Noida based B2B video production house is offering its specialized corporate films production services for medium and large enterprise. The company offers value for money and time and has proven to offer quality video with exceptional service.

Adopting the latest technological innovations has been one of the core focuses of The

Camera Man. It uses latest and most advanced technology in the market to produce the best quality videos for its clients. It has drones of its own that it uses for Ariel shots, Gimbals for motion shots, high quality lights, and other devices that it needs to shoot the videos.

Adopting the latest technological innovations has been one of the core focuses of The Camera Man

Established on 29th June 2019, The Camera Man has offered top notch services to its clients augmenting their overall experience. It focuses on offering comprehensive and satisfying services to clients rather than just the end product. “In a service based business, service matters more than the end product. You might have made a great film, but if you are not able to provide excellent quality service to the client, your end product is just pathetic for the client. Excellent service is what we aim at. We are very specific about the kind of clients we work with. We say no to 90 percent of new clients until we are very sure that we are the right agency for the client and we can produce some exceptional quality content” says Anuprash Gupta, Founder, The Camera Man.

Enhancing Client Experience Recently
The Camera Man worked on a corporate film for Hyco Enterprise. Hyco make car accessories like car mats for companies such as Maruti, KIA, MG Motors and more. In the last one and a half years they have hired two video agencies at different intervals previously for making their corporate film. “The hired agencies took the advance and just vanished without producing any work. Then they hired us for making the corporate films. They had a very crucial and urgent pitch that we could understand, work on swiftly and delivered the film within just five days. The client was highly impressed by the agility, quality and overall services” he adds.

The Road Ahead
Although the company has been working with just six experienced employees, it has witnessed 200 percent growth in its turnover every financial year since its incorporation. It is currently eyeing at increasing the growth number further in the coming months and is endeavoring to expand its company not only in terms of revenue but also in terms of its team size. It is planning to do it by hiring 50 people within the next five years.