Telco Communications: A One-Stop Source for All Modeling & Animation Services

Francis Santana, Founder  ,Shanti Santana, Co-Founder

Francis Santana, Founder

Shanti Santana, Co-Founder

3D video creation is an intricate domain that involves complex emotions, explanation, background and depth to narrate the story perfectly. Though generating a captive output depends on a number of factors, the crux of a 3D video’s success lies in the fresh & creative idea more than any marketing skill. "Innovativeness and Creativity is the thing that at last will influence your organization to emerge," affirms Francis Santana, Founder, Telco Communications. A one-stop source for all modeling & animation services including digital marketing, virtual reality, advertising, web solution, design, branding and videos and digital signage solutions, Telco wins client’s trust by leveraging the best technologies to meet their expectations.

It provides maximum frames for smoother animations and its script approach is numbers driven. "We know what the end viewers would like to see or relate to and use the exact ideas
and elements in the video. Our animators sculpt the character in perfect looking manner to make the video look lively to the viewers," adjoins Shanti Santana, Co-Founder, Telco Communications. Telco Communications specializes in providing high resolution advertisement video using latest rendering machines. Having served diverse clientele including government agencies like CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, startups, scientist, gaming giants, IT infra, Healthcare, Education and IoT across distinctive industries, the company brings immense cross-domain expertise and innovative technology-based marketing solutions to support its clients. Hitwicket was one such client whose game re-lived with Telco’s animated video.

The right amalgamation of strategic and free thinking facilitates the team to improvise their strategies by constantly reviewing and pacing it better than the current market scenario

Enhancing Communication through Animation
Telco bleeds creativity, and follows a process-driven approach. The right amalgamation of strategic and free thinking facilitates the team to improvise their strategies by constantly reviewing and pacing it better than the current market
scenario. Strongly believing in the power of creative ideas to build, revive and grow brands beyond boundaries, Telco identifies a unique way of building and spreading the story, where concepts are discussed over and over and the team is motivated to bring in any idea which is developed over time. At each stage of its process, the company takes ample time to sketch, script and storyboard the ideas which are repeatedly done until the project discovers a new feel. “We love clients who feel we would need time to understand their offering and replicate the same to a video. We indeed take twice the time in such case to collect enough information and have never failed to please them with the best suited video,” remarks Francis.

Telco kindles its team’s innovative spirit with weekly team gathering, where each member discusses the latest trends. Its youthful team with the average team age of 29 takes regular music intervals to keep the spirit going. This UK-headquartered company with offices in Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai, intends to contribute to digitize India by introducing dynamic digital LED displays which can replace all print advertisement &hoarding.Furthermore, with its cloud based signage technology, it aims to populate content, control and monitor millions of display screens globally for advertisement or sharing information.