TekCapitol: Enhancing the Efficacy of Product Engineering

Avi Gulati,Chief Executive Officer

Avi Gulati

Chief Executive Officer

Silicon Valley, California and Pune, India based TekCapitol, is an emerging name within the crowded Software & Product Engineering service space differentiated by the creativity, passion and expertise of its human capital.

TekCapitol operates with a three-point success mantra. First, Full-stack, Agile, Secure, Transformative (FAST©) being its core methodology for product engineering. Second is its exclusive focus on cloud technologies for both native and legacy applications transformation. Finally, third being its focus on attaining the highest levels of Customer and Employee success. Avi Gulati, The CEO and Managing Partner for TekCapitol says, "An ideal Software engineering vendor is one that can help create easy to use software solutions for real world problems with limited resources in

a highly unreliable and dynamically changing environment. TekCapitol fits that bill comfortably."

Customer-centric Offerings
Avi adds, "Agile practices, DevOps automation & Artificial Intelligence continue to create huge transformations in the product engineering space. Additionally, baking security in the very DNA of the product being developed has also become paramount. This era of infinite user data, ever growing app access channels and the ever-reducing user's attention span, has additionally brought focus on persona based UX/UI. TekCapitol's FAST product engineering methodology is native to these times and enables our clients to get their products engineered completely in line with their vision and these evolving times.

We are a dedicatedteam of professionals, ready to do anything you need to grow your business

"Most of the products offered by TekCapitol provides a great competitive advantage and satisfaction for its clients through an in-built default AI enabled self-service feature. Product Engineering, Product Modernisation, Digital Experience Transformation, Cloud, Infrastructure and security are some of its major industrial offerings with a varied application. Big Data, AI/ML, DevOps, UI/UX Design and Salesforce are its widely appreciated technological services.

The passion for solving key business problems for customers has made Mr. Avi Gulati, CEO & Managing partner of TekCapitol successful in his previous leadership and entrepreneurial roles in telecom, banking and healthcare sectors. Together with Mr. Prashant Upasani the Chief Product Engineering Officer and Mr. Arun Tendulkar, Strategic Business Advisor, TekCapitol continues to outgrow competition.