Teamology Softech & Media Services: Bridging the Gap between Brands and Their Promotion

Gulrez Alam & Md Badshah Ansari,Co- Founders & Directors

Gulrez Alam & Md Badshah Ansari

Co- Founders & Directors

Digital Marketing is one of the strongest tools used by the businesses today to establish their brand value. It is through the appropriate use of the digital marketing and PR marketing tools, that the business can expand their reach and target their customers. Teamology Softech & Media Services is a PR and Digital marketing company that fulfil the burgeoning desire of start-ups/brands/influencers to reach out to consumers affordably and consistently. It was established in 2020 by co-founders and directors - Gulrez Alam and Md Badshah Ansari.

Teamology Softech And Media Services Pvt Ltd is a tech-driven digital marketing, brand consulting and PR solutions firm with various offices in India, USA and Saudi Arabia. It is an ISO 9001-2015 from both USA IAS and IAF Council approved organization.

Teamology Softech is known as one of the leading affordable digital PR agencies catering to the small and medium enterprises. It has capped the needs of businesses, especially startups in providing seamless PR that opens their horizons to a large audience, therefore increasing their reach. The company is also focused on providing PR to micro and small influencers,
who otherwise miss out from coming in the papers, by providing them a robust platform to expand their reach.

The flagship offering of the company is Digital PR and promotions. Targeted PR enables getting featured on Indian and International digital premium platforms with a massive visitor base worldwide which increasingly helps in building their brand online and helps them get the required traction. Teamology Softech also offers social media advertising services to help its clients getting verified on various social media platforms. Its social media services have enabled dozens of businesses in getting the kind of public engagement that it deserves.

Along with the above key offerings, Teamology Softech also offers SEO services to the businesses to rank better on the web. The team of professionals within the company have years of experience and specialize in the tools and strategies that derive more traffic on the business website. It also offers tailor-made website designing services to its clients to build a robust website, curated by analyzing competitor websites.

It is through the appropriate use of the digital marketing and PR marketing tools, that the business can expand their reach and target their customers

Teamology has successfully launched its latest celebrity PR services and has also designed some PR campaigns for notable stars like Nikita Soni, a fitness influencer, and Rakesh C Wadhwa.

Teamology has progressively led many businesses in creating tailor-made campaigns and more than 60 percent of its business comes from existing clients. The company has a team of hard-working professionals that are willing tom go an extra mile to assist their client requirements. The team is dedicated towards customer satisfaction.

Teamology Softech has been in the market for less than a year and yet has taken a giant leap with its services being accessed by hundreds in India and across the globe. It has bridged the gap for businesses to scale their credibility on the web. With the launch and successful execution of its celebrity PR vertical, it intends to expand its services towards the Influencer marketing vertical and further intends to multiply this unprecedented progress manifold.