Tanti Automatics: Innovating the Future of Smart Homes with Automation & Control Solutions

Umankumar, Managing Director,Deshpande, Associate Director

Umankumar, Managing Director

Deshpande, Associate Director

In today's fast-paced world, building automation and control solutions have gained immense popularity as organizations and building owners seek ways to reduce energy costs, improve occupant comfort, and enhance overall building performance. These solutions provide a centralized approach to building management, allowing for seamless integration and control of various building systems. Tanti Automatics, a company founded by two engineers, offers reliable and efficient solutions for smart building operations and maintenance needs.

Established in 2009, Tanti has been a pioneer in India in adopting KNX technology, which has enabled it to drive success in achieving complete Green Building specifications. Tanti's approach is focused on bundling strengths through proper documentation, cooperation, and providing excellent customer service. “We at Tanti, are committed to improving building design ideas and solutions that offer greater comfort, efficiency, and safety. Our products include lighting automation, home controllers, smart switch panels, touch controllers, intelligent sensors, voice controllers, curtain and gate motors, video doorbells, digital door locks, security and surveillance cameras, intrusion alarm systems, air purifiers, and home theatre equipment. Each product is designed with accuracy and precision to ensure that it meets the needs and expectations of its
customers”, speaks Umankumar, Managing Director, Tanti Automatics. The goal is to provide exceptional services to its clients by helping them achieve their desired results while also supporting a sustainable future.

Leveraging Tech to its Best
Automation is an extensive process that involves the integration of various third-party systems into one cohesive system. Many system integrators struggle with this because they try to fulfill all the system needs within their own product portfolio. “At our company, we work with an open protocol for building automation called KNX and have partnerships with many OEMs both in India and abroad, thereby providing a complete comprehensive solution.

The landscape of automation is changing rapidly with the advent of AI, which will be able to read and understand routines and create action plans accordingly. This will reduce the dependency on system integrators to make small changes constantly. Our company offers turnkey solutions for automation, where we handle the design, installation, commissioning, and post-installation maintenance. This ensures a high level of quality and customer satisfaction”, says Umankumar.

With a cumulative experience of 50 years among the senior management team, Tanti Automatics’ vision is to make people's lives easier by providing a comprehensive solution to manage and maintain buildings efficiently while saving energy and costs. The team comprises experts from various fields, including Umankumar as Managing Director, Vinutha as HR head, and Deshpande as Associate Director. Their expertise and experience have contributed to the company's significant growth and establishment as a leading provider of building automation solutions. “We have a strong and diverse team of experts in various areas of business operations. With over 100 people on board, our team includes technical leaders, dedicated designers, project managers, technicians, and laborers”, shares Vinutha, HR head. The team's expertise is not limited to project execution but also includes post installation service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Tanti’s future plan is rooted in its simple yet powerful vision of making people's lives easy through building automation. With a track record of successfully automating 150 residences and several commercial projects, the firm is now looking to double its revenue every year for the next decade and expand its reach in the commercial segment. By doing so, Tanti Automatics hopes to become a major player in the energy-saving industry while simultaneously helping people achieve their daily goals without worrying about mundane tasks. The company strives to continuously develop and discover new ways to improve people's lives while keeping energy conservation at the forefront of their business.