Synerzip: Accelerating Your Product Roadmap & Helping You Get There First!

Hemant Elhence, Founder & CEO,Vinayak Joglekar, Co-Founder & CTO

Hemant Elhence, Founder & CEO

Vinayak Joglekar, Co-Founder & CTO

Due to the scarcity of skilled talents, many organizations nowadays grapple with a snail-paced product development cycle and an exorbitant cost, not to mention the impact it has on the project’s quality and time-to-market. Further exacerbating this chaos is the lack of collaboration between them and the company it has outsourced the product development to. Synerzip, an Agile software product development company, has emerged above these issues by recruiting passionate talents and retaining them. Thanks to its teams’ deep expertise in agile and lean startup way of building software, the company not only takes clients’roadmap and delivers on it but also acts as a strategic partner by evaluating the market and using its decade-long product development experience to advise on technology roadmap priorities.

Synerzip further stands apart from its competitors by mastering the dual-shore operation model, where its US-based account managers interact with the clients locally and translate the requirements to the team in India; thus keeping the cost low without sacrificing the quality of
communication. These unique factors have not only filled its client portfolio with more than 100 U.S. based companies including Google, Dell, PDX/, ExamSoft and Mercatus, but has also poised it on Dallas 100 List of Fastest Growing Companies in North Texas and the prestigious Inc. Magazine 5000 list for six consecutive years.

When entrepreneurs want to solve a business problem, Synerzip sets the baseline with its Pilot Engagement offering and follows it with the development of a MVP, which can then scale to its full potential

Flexible, Customer-centric services
The company perceives its services from a product-customer journey point-of-view. When entrepreneurs want to solve a business problem, Synerzip sets the baseline with its Pilot Engagement offering and follows it with the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which can then scale to its full potential. Usually, when a product's platform fails to evolve with time or support for that technology ends, the changeover elevates the risk of inflated cost and hyped downtime. But with Synerzip’s ‘Technology Refresh’ in action, its experienced engineers get the work done without negatively impacting clients’ business, thereby reducing the effort and risk of transitioning to a new technology /platform. While its DevOps and QA Automation
services are applicable throughout the product lifecycle, its Agile Software Product Development offering overarches all the services and allows products to adapt to evolving markets.

Besides providing a high degree of customization, this flexible ISO 27001 certified development partner endows clients with several choices like the fixed bid, T&M, BOT, BLT or a hybrid approach as well as DevOps, Lean, Kanban or Agile. Vesting keen importance on safeguarding clients’ data, Synerzip hires ethical hackers to constantly identify vulnerabilities, which enables it to take immediate measures to ensure security. Adhering to HIPAA regulation, it is currently working on Blockchain, Big Data and Analytics, and AI applications for clients in Supply Chain, Pharmaceutical, and Life Sciences & Healthcare sectors. With 500+ developers in its state-of-the-art facility, Synerzip sets a bi-yearly benchmark for every employee to undergo additional certified training in the process to make its team more versatile.

The Vision Ahead
Envisioning being at the forefront of applying the latest technology to complex business issues, the organization has been growing at a steady pace of 15 percent year-on-year. Experiencing a tremendous growth in the blockchain, machine learning, natural language processing, and user experience, Synerzip plans to proceed in that course. “We are here to partner with our customers and solve their business problems by constantly learning and implementing our knowledge,” concludes Hemant.