Synersoft: Performing Process Driven Operations in IT for SMEs

Vishal Shah,CEO & Co-Founder

Vishal Shah

CEO & Co-Founder

Small and medium enterprises comprise the largest employment creators and highest tax payers in the Indian economy. SMEs business mandates competition at global standards which compels them in achieving operational efficiencies by adopting cutting-edge technologies. It need exceptional talents to manage a robust IT infrastructure, but lacks access to house an appropriate team. Synersoft, based out of Ahmedabad and present in most of the industrialized pockets of India, knuckles down into this very issue by offering a product branded as BLACKbox and AI enabled IMS call centre having virtual IT manager service. By paying utmost attention to the requirements of the customers, the company has been performing continuous innovation as a practice.

A Path Breaking Approach
Mostly customers who use design software that generate large files face challenges in collaborating and storing them on Cloud in real-time. The product named BLACKbox offered by Synersoft works on VPC technology which instantly stores every data using link aggregating, SSD caching and forced centralization technologies, and gradually utilizes bandwidth to push it to the Cloud. Moreover, it also serves as file server, firewall, storage, endpoint controller, and backup system through its Cloud infrastructure. Using the virtual IT
management suite for IMS customers, the company feeds clients with real-time benchmark vitals, thereby enabling them detect problem prior to the symptoms noticed by the enterprise. At the IMS centre, data of vitals are presented as meaningful and analysed information for quick actions by on-duty agent at the call centre. It also addresses technical problems pertaining to email services, data access, IP security, and port monitoring among many.

"Our signature and patentable technologies like forced centralization, vault-workspace, and data exfiltration prevention by AI-based data isolation technologies have branded as the most suitable for tremendous return on investment. Synersoft has developed extensive digital content in lucid and relevant manner for SMEs," states Vishal Shah, CEO & Co-Founder, Synersoft.

Synersoft has developed extensive digital content in lucid and relevant manner for SMEs

During the initial years after Synersoft's establishment in the year 2008, it had a traditional approach that did not help the company in serving to the demands of SMEs. Vishal observes that the primary reason for this void is the absence of IT resources in SMEs. In its determination to present lucrative solutions to the customers in this category, Synersoft addressed problems with befitting AI and out-of-the-box technologies. In addition to that, for the reluctance of Indian SMEs to adopt Cloud, Synersoft assured them with VPC technology which avails the option to secure their data in own premise.

In one case, a company with operations centred on chartered accountants faced multiple challenges dealing with client's confidential data and private information. The company used digital signatures on USB ports, but led to a severe threat of data leakage and theft. Synersoft presented them with BLACKbox for effortless inward transfer of data from USB port. BLACKbox assisted the company with Data Leakage Prevention through USB and also helped with Data Loss Prevention by enabling recovery from accidental or intentional data deletion, ransomware as well as disaster.

By churning out BLACKbox as hybrid hardware SaaS product, Vishal Shah foresees to scale the business to further heights. With the intention to commoditize data preservation and information security to every layer of SMEs, Synersoft ensures business continuity to companies and prevent their competitive exploitation in data loss and theft.