SWARMHR: Automating HR Department Processes with Ease

Ramesh Thumu , President

Ramesh Thumu


HRMS is known for its comprehensive solution that constitutes essential and strategic HR operations, automating administrative functions and systematize recruitment processes. Meanwhile, the sensitive nature of HRMS compels organization to safeguard the personal information of their employees and other stakeholders. For business enterprises, it is high time to equip efficient HR management software for their human resource department as digitalization is driving major decision makings. In an effort to encompass HR compliance, accounting, and applicant tracking modules, Thoughtwave Software and Solutions headquartered in Illinois aims automating the HR department of businesses. The company with branch offices here in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam has developed HR software called SWARMHR, which puts an end to the practice of collecting timesheets, invoices, and expenses manually. The software also offers a multitude of features that help with streamlining employee management and recruitment.

SWARMHR delivers a comprehensive management experience for all employers by automating the seamless collection of timesheets, status reports, leaves, expenses
of employees and contracts, via web and mobile. The software digitally assigns performance evaluations and learning modules for employers. Being cloud-based software SWARMHR has taken security into consideration to handle people’s data securely. Moreover, the product is configured in such a unique fashion that allows access in a hierarchical form, where the employees will have limited access as compared to managers who have less access than directors. This structure ensures data is secure and available to those who have clearance. SWARMHR supplies a number of features that range from automating document aggregation to a fully integrated applicant tracking system with every major job board. The software has a majority of clients across small to medium sized businesses that are rapidly growing. Often, they struggle with balancing their time finding compliant documentation, managing their employees, and finding new talent. SWARMHR helps them overcome such challenges by providing a system that goes off without a hitch and scales with their growing business. “Our clients are no longer stuck with using Google Drive and outdated processes. We believe there is no other product that can handle as many tasks as ours and we do it at a fraction of the cost”, expresses Ramesh Thumu, President, SWARMHR.

Being cloud-based software, SWARMHR has taken security into consideration to handle people’s data securely

Recently, SWARMHR has been working with the City of Aurora in Illinois. As a government organization, it is important for them to acquire a series of approvals before taking major decisions. Earlier, the process was done manually where managers would need to visit every signatory before something as simple as a job posting could be ordered. With the help of SWARMHR, the organization was able to streamline the process that consumes less time to get the required objective done. Furthermore, it made the entire process paperless and enabled room for more tasks to create and finish. Ramesh envisions witnessing more business enterprises taking charge of their own HR department and use scalable tools that grows with their business. “At SWARMHR, we have a personal relationship with all of our clients and we hope to grow with all of them. Sooner or later, our product will work for enterprises of every size, and we want to make sure all businesses can benefit from our unique services”, he concludes.