Sushma Industries Pvt Ltd: A Brand Name in the Test, Measurement & Calibration Industry

Suveer Sadanand, Director& CEO,R. Sadananda Murthy, Founder

Suveer Sadanand, Director& CEO

R. Sadananda Murthy, Founder

R.Sadananda Murthy, an entrepreneur and a knowledge philanthropist with over 45 years of rich expertise in the field of metrology was always enlightened to create a better quality metrological infrastructure that directly implies the growth of the Indian manufacturing industry. Moving ahead with the humble vision of bringing in the key essentials - scientific, industrial, and service providers all under one roof, and produce products that are not only globally acceptable but also maintain a uniformity in the measurement which spontaneously adds to the nation’s economic growth, he decided to plunge into the test & measurement space. Thus, with high-spirited energy and intention, he along with his wife A.S. Meenakshi founded Sushma Industries – a brand name in the Test, Measurement & Calibration industry.

Institutionalized in the year 1986, Sushma Industries touts itself to be a 32-year-old running startup that responsibly carries forward the business legacy with new zest through user-friendly, highly accurate and reliable testing solutions. Suveer Sadanand, Director &CEO, Sushma Industries, says, “With more than three decades of experience in the testing & measurement industry,our sole aim is to assist the clients in improvising the quality of the
products for profitability. Also, believing in the fact that great experiences start only with working together, we at Sushma leverage our best to induce a happy and fun environment and spread the same enthusiasm among all.”

Led by a team of 62 employees with offices in Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Gujarat and Dubai, Sushma Industries has recently started off its operations in Spain and is looking forward to explore in Poland, Kenya, and others

Bangalore headquartered Sushma Industries till date has benefited 4500+ customers to reap profits. With over 200 custom-built standard products across 10 verticals, the company envisions to enable a world-class illustration and become a global player in the test, measurement & Calibration domain.

One Stop Shop for A-Z Solutions
Preferred as a one-stop destination for end-to-end solutions, the company’s niche has always been the ‘Force, Torque & Pressure Measurement. The solution ranges right from sensors to custom built to cloud analytics/IoT test & measurement systems and solutions. Explaining the essence of deliverables, Suveer asserts, “Fortifying end-to-end solutions as our major USP, our approach is to sell customized solutions rather than just Selling a product.”

The wider array of offering includes Display Unit & Data Acquisition System, Torque Tool Testing Systems, Force Testing System/UTM, Automotive Testing Systems, Bolt Torque Tension
Testing System, Motor Testing System, Calibration & Testing Systems, Software and so on. The clients of Sushma are Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics Manufacturers, Spring Manufacturers, R & D laboratories, Pharma and more.

“We have been honoured for being recognized by the Harvard Business Review by writing a case on our growth story,” adds Suveer.

The 2Cs – Calibration & Care
Sushma has set up its own inbuilt world-class laboratory ‘Temple for Calibration’ to meet the stringent national and international standards as per ISO 17025 accredited by NABL for Torque, Force, Mass, Volume, Density, Speed & Angle. The company’s laboratory is currently Asia’s highest provider of torque calibration facility and supports highest Calibration Measurement Capability, consulting & training programs.

'Sushma Care' is an initiative that assures to resolve one’s problem and save both time & money. Also, the team assists them with annual maintenance and calibration contracts in quickest possible time.

The Journey Ahead
Led by a team of 55 employees with offices in Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Gujarat and Dubai, Sushma Industries has recently started off its operations in Spain and is looking forward to explore in USA,Europe and African Countries. Growing exponentially in 3x terms, the company wants to soar 5x growth by 2020-21. “We are majorly focused to introduce a lot of new products imbibed with the latest technology and at the same time, are also looking to strengthen our sales & service across 10 countries in the next two years, making customer interaction & engagement as the core essence,” concludes Suveer on a positive note.