SUMS CorpSolution: Innovation, Improvement and Impactful

Umesh Rateja, Mentor,Paramita Kapat, Co-Founder and Director

Paramita Kapat

Co-Founder and Director

The remote working method is the new normal. In such situations, maintaining employee engagement and ensuring that the workforce can work effectively is the major task undertaken by the HR department. HR has to step up and look after the business requirements and design the strategies accordingly. From hiring an employee to following up on every employee's progression and their contribution to growing a company has to be calculated by the HR. Every company will not be able to set up their own HR team, hence in such scenarios, the companies will collaborate with HR service providers to enhance their organizational functions.

With an approach following Innovation, Improvement and Impact, SUMS CorpSolution is the creation by Umesh Rateja and Paramita Kapat. An end to end HR Consulting Firm that works extensively for SMEs, MSMEs and Start-ups that helps them in running their entire HR function more effectively. "We have verticals within our company such as Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Talent Engagement, HR Operations, etc, depending upon the size and scale of operations of our clients, we guide them in designing and/or streamlining their HRM processes. Our key differentiator is our assistance to our clients in implementing the recommendations through their existing
team. Adding to this the other verticals we have are on Leadership Development," says Umesh Rateja, Mentor, SUMSCorpSolution.

SUMS provides various HR services such as Transformation and Cultural Building, Talent Identification and Management, Capability Building and Staffing Solutions. It follows the 4D approach in all their engagements i.e. Define Need, Develop Concept, Deliver Initiative and Determine Impact. The company is well experienced in organizing Training programs for Fresh graduates stepping into corporate world as well as industry leaders, the company has trained over 5000 people in the last 5 years. They are adept in conducting experiential training programs for large batches of over 350 individuals and 200+ leaders for the global organizations through their outbound training vertical. The spectrum of the work carried out by SUMS CorpSolution is to address the challenges and gaps which exist in this space which they are well aware of, since they have spent enough years as HR leaders and understands the organisation's challenges and pain.

The company has spread its services across various cities in the country working with different segments such as IT, Power & Energy, Insurance & Banking, Logistics, KPO, FMCG, Media, Agro, Pharma

Growth of SUMS CorpSolution is been fairly consistent. The company has spread its services across various cities in the country working with different segments such as IT, Power & Energy, Insurance & Banking, Logistics, KPO, FMCG, Media, Agro, Pharma, etc. Some of the prominent clients of SUMS CorpSolution are Adani Group, CMS Info Systems, Cushman & Wakefield, Wagh Bakri, QX, Cygnet Group and more. Elucidating about the factor that makes the company unique in the market, Umesh adds, "The factors that set us apart is, whatever intervention we work on with the clients, in the end, we make sure that there is a visible change which our company can provide. Another differentiator is successful execution of the assignment and verifying the measurable outcome. We have follow-up sessions with our clients to ensure the effectiveness of our initiatives. We also support in building client capabilities to continue the changed process effectively even after our engagement is over."

In the days to come, SUMS CorpSolution is gearing up to get into new domains and markets.