Sudhakar Reddy Gade: Revolutionizing Executive Coaching through Intelligent Chat Bot

Sudhakar Reddy Gade,FounderMultiple researches have proven that executive coaching is the most effective developmental method bringing in sustainable change in behaviour or performance of an individual when compared to training programs, executive education, self-learning, and other aspects. Regardless of the burgeoning significance of executive coaching, a majority of people lack awareness about this concept and even if they do, find it difficult to embrace the negative feedback from coaching. Thanks to Mumbai-based Nirvedha Executive Coaching Solutions Pvt. Ltd., for resolving this major concern through its unique chat bot. Yes, you read it right!

Nirvedha outclasses as the first executive coaching firm in India to have launched a chat bot powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), almost three years back. This chat bot is designed and developed to understand the preparedness of coaching in each individual and identifies what he/she needs ­ coaching, psychotherapy, mentoring or training session. Thus, being an intelligent interface in the initial phase, it decides the above aspects in an individual through a set of questions and decides the program based on their answers. Nirvedha also deploys another proprietary tool named N-GAGE (Nirvedha's Goal Achievement Grid Enabler) that captures not only each individual's goals but also their developmental needs based on their current/future role(s). This is an ongoing process that has proven to fetch utmost
returns on investment for all the coachees who followed the tool judiciously.

Kindling Deeper Thoughts & Insights
Breathing the tagline ­ `Deeper Insights', the company facilitates positive change in all its coachees by improving their thinking and helping them to know themselves better through deeper insights. Sudhakar Reddy Gade, Founder, Nirvedha, adds, "Nirvedha is derived from Sanskrit language meaning deeper thoughts and insights, which clearly resonates with our coaching methodology". Its services are categorized into coaching for successful professionals with an aspiration to rise to next level, identifying the developmental needs in senior leaders with a vision, and coaching newly appointed CEOs on board functions. Besides, Sudhakar conducts workshops, facilitation programs in change management and Emotional Intelligence while outshining as the first one in the industry to coach doctors on enhancing their overall Emotional Quotient.

Nirvedha is derived from Sanskrit language meaning deeper thoughts and insights, self-awareness is the first step to effective leadership because it lays the foundation upon which emotional and social intelligence is built

Behind this unparalleled excellence of Nirvedha stands Sudhakar who is known as the `Change Coach', Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Certified Coach, ICF RACC Certified Coach, a certified corporate board director and a member of Forbes Coaches Council. He has diligently amalgamated the best methodologies of these certification bodies into his own proprietary methodology to coach his clients. When clients approach him, the first step followed by the company is to create self awareness in almost three sessions and then proceed with a customized coaching process to achieve their goals. He asserts, "We are a panel of ace coaches with an average experience of five to eight years in the coaching industry. We are proud to have addressed diverse pain points of clients including senior leaders struggling with work from home concept, lot of self-doubts, behavioural changes in later stages, and many others".

For the road ahead, Nirvedha envisions augmenting the scope of its chat bot wherein it can devise the best solutions via AI and ML for the leaders' problems just in time. The company also has plans of expanding its operations across Middle East and North America, especially for the Indian diaspora who are disadvantaged in engaging an executive coach over their American counterparts.