Subham Freight Carriers India: One-Stop Provider of Logistics, Warehousing & Packaging

P. Sundarraj, Founder

P. Sundarraj


Be it retailer, consumer product companies or industrial manufacturing companies, each of them confront the aftermaths of an awful transportation service. It can be damaged goods, mistimed delivery, packaging, stock placement of products or vehicle unavailability which obstruct the smooth flow of transportation. Prevailing over these inefficiencies, Subham Freight Carriers India Private Limited hosts numerous hire carrier services while anchoring on swift delivery and conventional stock management while reducing the risk of stock damage.

Incepted in 2003, the company is not only engaged in surface transport services but also offers third party logistics (3PL) and warehousing facili­ty (accounting to a total area of 225000 Sq.ft.) to the customers across 30-35 different location PAN India through its 27 branches, eight delivery offices and four major hubs in Chennai, Pune, Jamshedpur & Pithampur. Majorly, Subham transports Automobile parts, FMCG goods and Medicine stock from one point to other according to customer specified locations and routes.
These goods are assembled at warehouses and then dispersed for delivery (express or normal delivery). “We believe in prompt delivery of the stocks so that customers do not lag behind in continuing their production,” say P. Sundarraj, Founder, Subham Freight Carriers India Private Limited. This efficient service has rewarded Subham as ‘Best Transport of the Year’ for timely delivery by Godrej Consumer Products Ltd, Rane TRW Steering Systems Ltd.

We believe in prompt delivery of the stocks so that customers do not lag behind in continuing their production

Managing Stocks the Better Way
Prior to delivery, the materials are checked & weighed, and in accordance to that, rates are quoted and negotiated. Going a mile further, Subham also offers repacking and redelivery of goods to customers who want to deliver the packages by breaking into smaller packages for further delivery. It also provides customers with flexible services like allowing just stock storage in the warehouse and not delivery. The company owns a fleet of 140 vehicles and a wide spread network of 2000 attached vehicles to help it deliver smaller packages on-time. The company’s owned vehicles are GPS enabled that helps Subham and the
clients track the vehicles’ location in real time, while it is procuring GPS chips for the attached vehicles and marketing people to keep a check on their movement and track the stock until the last mile delivery.

To reduce the risk of damage while the vehicle is in movement, goods are arranged in closed containers that come with cross slots. All vehicles operating under Subham come with hooks which make it easier to tie ropes around to keep the arrangement intact. “Safety of goods is of our prime focus. We provide proper training to our drivers and attached vehicle drivers too to make them aware of what to do in unfortunate situation and how to take care of the goods to make it a safe delivery,” asserts Sundarraj. To further eliminate insecurity from the process, Subham is planning to take transport insurance on behalf of customers to nullify the risk involved by 100 percent.

Walking the Cost-Effective Way
Cost has always been a major factor in the carrier industry, Subham works in tandem with the customers to save their expenses. Hence many a times, Subham offers dynamic logistic solution as specific to each customer based on their operational structure and SCM, which cuts down the cost by 20-30 percent. Currently working on providing call center service to its customers, Subham is engaged in integrating CRM in its software. Witnessing Rs.140 crore revenue in FY 2017-2018, the company aims at diversifying its services across various segments and reach the benchmark of Rs.500 crore by 2020 while going international.